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    Hello, I am new here so I don't want to hear anything about 1 post huh hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... lol

    Anyways I'm fixing to order some cjc and ghrp from Irn-Dgn and I was wondering if anyone has tried this product before from this supplier? I am trying this out on my dog because he quit eating. What are your results? If you have a better idea let me know as I am all ears!
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    You would probably be better off giving him a proper dose of a steroid that stimulates appetite as well. Read the informational descriptions of different steroids and it will tell you whick ones stimulate appetite. I would find a vet you trust to run it by him. I know they prescribe roids to dogs for a few reasons. If that doesn't work, just sprinkle a dash of KB on a wopper and his appetite will pick up. Just a dash mind you...... Seriously I would check with a vet on that one too. Dont want to accidentally stone him to death..... Keep in mind that unless his condition is psychological, there is probably a more serious underlying problem that needs treating. Sorry to hear about your pooch. They are so much more well deserving that the twisted animal beast we call, MAN......

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    lol come on now... I think you completely misunderstood my post! My pooch is ok lol.
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    He understood your post. He was being facetious:rolleyes:
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    [:eek:)][:eek:)][:eek:)][:eek:)] "Keep in mind unless his condition is psychological" LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Never used Iron Dragon. Skip the S.A.R.M.s and shit. Just like you were told with such sarcasm[:eek:)] You should maybe consider testosterone....what is your age and stats.....what is your goal?
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    I realize that I may have come off sounding a bit closed minded. I am by no means speaking out

    against SARMS or peptides or any Chemical Research product...I wanted to clear up my view point. Wondering what made you choose the compounds you did....So once more, what are

    your stats, and what age are you?
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    No idea about Iron Dragon but I do know the products at the cem-meso store are good to go.
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    GHRP 6 at about 400mcg's should kicke your appetite thru the freaking roof. CJC did not do that to me.

    I am about to add ghrp 6 and CJC to my GH regimne for the next 3 months.
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    No, its all good! I guess I'm the one who misunderstood haha..

    I've never juiced and not really interested in it. Im not interested in the animal hormones and have never really come across human grade test. I'm interested in the peptides for the simple fact that it releases human hormones. The benefits seem outstanding, and the sides seem minimal from the research that we have so far (at low doses). I will also be stacking this with mdrol.
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    The peptides you mention work synergistically together to some extent. They are by no means equal to exogenous hGH but they're working for me. I doubt you will notice any bodybuilding effects.

    Good to know you're taking such good care of your body and avoiding "animal hormones" by "stacking with Mdrol". Never worry about methylated steroids that are liver toxic is good advice!