Class I/Class II AAS combination dosages (Mr.Roberts)

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Reinheart, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Reinheart

    Reinheart Member

    In a cycle for which the base is 300mgs Test E or test prop, would I be better if I used 100mgs of Anadrol or 50mgs of Anadrol along with 50mgs of Anavar daily?

    The cycle would be a pure bulker but the main purpose would be to gain as much lean muscle mass as possible (I don't mind water retention and a little bit of fat).

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: There's a high chance i will also be using 300-400mgs NPP along with 400-600mgs Boldenone.
  2. bigrobbie

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    Are you gonna run adex with this bro?
  3. Reinheart

    Reinheart Member

    I am never going to run compounds that aromatize again without a-dex bro. The depression from the build-up of estrogen is killing me.

    What I am worried about isn't a-dex though. It's why I don't respond well to testosterone. Whether I am taking 300, 600 or even 900mgs, it's the same to me. The only difference is that the higher the dosage, the more estrogen I have to deal with.

    This is the reason why i said i am only going to use 250-300mgs per week as the base of my cycle and rely on anabolics for gains.
  4. Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts Steroid Forum Leader

    If the situation were only that amount of testosterone and then either of those choices to stack with it, I'd go with the 50 mg oxandrolone plus 50 mg Anadrol.