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    Hello MESO,

    Do any of you have anything that you would recommend for clearing your tracks after you are done browsing on your computer? I used to have a program in the past that supposedly overwrote your history several times upon exit, but I do not remember what it was. Hell, I don't even know if it worked.

    Some bros post some deep shit on here on how to be anonymous, but I am nowhere near being at the tech level that I would need to be to set all of that stuff up. I don't need beat the big dog security agencies, but would like something that any local schmo cant pop on my shit and find.

    Thanks for any input!
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    What browser(s) you are using and what version of Windows?

    If you are using Internet Explorer I would advise you to use Firefox instead as you can clear history or cookies on exit better than on IE without any BS. To do that in Firefox: Click Edit on menubar>Preferences>Privacy tab - make sure that "Use Custom History" is selected (this will preserve history for your legit everyday sites), then check the box "Clear history when Firefox closes".

    A good addon to manage cookies in Firefox is Self-Destructing Cookies. This will let you keep the cookies for your legit sites while you can destroy cookies from those sites you don't want any tracking cookies kept for once you close the tab after using such a site. Get it here:

    @pumpingiron22 also has a wealth of good info for keeping you safe in these uncertain times especially with Operation Cyberjuice going on.
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  4. Bigtack

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    Hi Mindless, I use chrome and firefox. I will use firefox and get the addon you speak of. I am curious, if someone takes a deep look at your comp, can they still see everything on firefox?

    I read a bunch of pumpingiron's stuff, he is truly gifted at this stuff. I am not so gifted at it lol...


    Thanks for putting a call out for me brother.

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    If you are careful and you also use something like Tor you should have no issues covering your tracks.

    There are programs out there to securely wipe deleted files too. Also I am not sure what similar addons are available for Chrome.

    I don't use Windows much as I use Linux.
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    Ok, thanks... I will do some reading around and see about getting a tor on my comp. I appreciate the info! I am guessing I will need to look into scrapping windows. Thanks again.
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    Linux isn't hard to master and you can install it alongside Windows. For new users Linux Mint is the ideal distro.
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    Thank you Gentlemen!
  10. MindlessWork

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    Yes that works and there is an option to securely wipe deleted space.
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    No problem at all bro. Your welcome:D These guys know their shit man. Your in good hands now brotha;)
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    @Skull @MindlessWork
    Hey guys, can you weigh in on this before I do it? Dont want to ruin my computer lol...

    I will also do the ccleaner that Millard suggested. Pretty covered after that?

    p.s. I didnt come up with this. Shamelessly borrowed it from an article I found.



    Start quote.....
    Securely Overwriting Free Space

    When you delete a file from the recycle bin in Windows, rather than deleting the actual file, the space the file is occupying is simply marked as free so that another file can come and use those blocks on your hard drive. One way of making sure that your data is not recoverable is to simply overwrite all the free space with random data. To do this click on start and open an administrative command prompt.

    When the command prompt opens type:

    cipher /w:F

    Where F is the letter of the drive you want to securely overwrite the free space on.

    It will overwrite the free space with three passes as seen above.

    · First with all zero’s – 0x00

    · Second with all 255’s, – 0xFF

    · Finally with random numbers

    That’s all there is to it. It took about 25 minutes to overwrite 50GB of free space on my system, but your mileage may vary.
    End quote......
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    Use Tor browser. Best thing since testosterone Enanthate
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  14. Maktub

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    I see most talk is about windows but What about safari? Or iPhone users? Any info out there?

    Most of us haven't touch a computer in years. Now just a phone is our machine .
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  15. pumpingiron22

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    This app is good but really you need to be on tor- or tails os. no tracking there.

    You are being tracked.

    Whether you know it or not, your every move on the web is of interest to thousands of companies out there. Your online behavior is valuable data, and companies are collecting it all the time. Online vendors have tags on web pages and apps that write out scripts, and these scripts write out cookies that send information back to the company about how you use the web.

    Scary, right?

    Luckily, there is an easy way to take control of your digital experience and maintain your privacy online. Download the Free Ghostery Add-On today to see just how many trackers are following you, and choose which ones to block. It’s easy to use (even for non-techies!), and effective.

    Why do millions of people like you rely on Ghostery to control their digital experience?

    Ghostery protects you from more trackers than any other company.
    The Ghostery tracker database is the largest on the web, with more than 2,000 trackers.

    The Add-On lets you decide how to manage your data.
    Everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to digital privacy and data tracking. Ghostery puts the power in your hands to choose what to block, on a tracker-by-tracker or site-by-site basis, or a combination of the two. You can easily change, update, or pause your blocked trackers at any time.

    Ghostery is available for every browser and every device.
    That includes browser such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, iOS, and Android. Click here to find the version you need.

    The Ghostery Add-On is simple but robust.
    We continually improve our tool to ensure that it remains easy to use, convenient, and as intuitive as possible — without sacrificing how useful and comprehensive it is.

    Ghostery educates you about the companies tracking you.
    Ghostery doesn’t just ask you to allow or block a particular tracker. We also offer tracker profiles so you can learn about the companies tracking you and make informed decisions.

    You’ll still be able to access the content and functionality you want even if you are blocking it.
    Ghostery’sClick-to-Play functionality means that all the digital experiences that are important to YOU, such as Facebook and Twitter buttons, commenting systems, video players, and sound widgets, will be readily available to use.

    So join millions of users worldwide and click here to download the Ghostery Add-On. Start taking control of your privacy today!
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    Yeah scary as fuck. I totally take a look at this stuff; read some more.
    I aprecciate your contribution .
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    which one mint?
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