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  1. ergomaniac

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    how much cross tolerance is there between clen and ephedrine. i work at night
    and on those sleepless days i may take say 10mg ephedine and 100mg caffine
    or strong coffee rather than mega dosed caffine. i find it less jittery . and how bout
    caffine. i think you can use caffine in an emergency for asthma attacks because
    of beta receptor stimulation. clen doesnt seem to have as much cns stimulation
    and in larger doses gives me the shakes. would taking an antihistime before bed
    quell my worries.
  2. bigrobbie

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    They are similar in action, but not even close in half life, as I'm sure you know. I assume you are asking because you plan on an ECA stack during your weeks off Clen?

    Are you running 2 on Clen, 2 off on ECA or 3 clen, one ECA? This is a stacking pattern that has been used for a long time with much success...If you are training hard, eating right, once your body adjusts to the thermogenics then sleep won't be much of a worry.

    A Clen dose keeps you gtg for approx 24 hours, so dose in the morning, ephedrine you will need to dose several time daily, but cut yourself off and don't take after 4 pm. I think Benadryl dosed at 50mg 45 min. before bed will knock you out cold even if you still feel "racey" from your thermo.
  3. fina lover

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    its off topic but where did you get the ephedine? is it a pure form or is it an energy pill?
  4. bigrobbie

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    Source discussion is not allowed, but many research companies sell it.
  5. buddy1

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    Wal-Mart is my source for ephedrine kidding. Be prepared to show your drivers license and sign for it.
  6. MAYO

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    Ya walmart's got it...they didn't laugh when i asked about dbol though :eek:
  7. MindlessWork

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    Perhaps the pharmacist there knows about dbol ;)
  8. ergomaniac

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    really. ephedrine or psuedoephedrine.ive never seen ephedrine in an otc medicine.
    and i think wal mart limits cold medicine so you do go home and crank out a batch of meth
    pun intended. this i gotta see. if it is psuedo, does it work like ephedrine
  9. ergomaniac

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    100% ephedrine hcl. i got it online i forget where but its not hard. its not scheduled
    but it is listed. list 1 chemical an intermediate in drug manufacture. so there is
    a limit. round here they used to sell it at gas stations,covenience stores etc. but it
    always had that mucus expeller . that shit makes me feel like i have a cold. i once
    convinced a middle eastern store owner to order and sell me an entire box. said
    right on it , must have a dea licesnce to posess
  10. ergomaniac

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    thanks for the benadryl info i wasnt sure. theres another thread confirming that.
    my real question is this.... last week ran clen 100mcg. this week also. last week i had to cover at work. 12h shifts. plus 4h commute to and fro (i make good money)an hour on each end
    to wake up, get to sleep etc and that leaves little sleep. end of the week im draggin ass
    and taking ec minus the a (what is the asprin for, i heard to prolong the half life of caffine)
    clen isnt the same. will that cause a quicker down regulation of betas. im thinkin the answer is no dont sweat it. i cant say im overly impressed with clen cns wise or thermo wise.
    it doesnt raise my temp like ec-a or givethe same cns buzz
  11. Conciliator

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    It's usually a better bargain to buy the Bronkaid brand from somewhere else, instead of the Primatene brand at Wal-Mart.