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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by mmerritt31, Nov 4, 2010.

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    mmerritt31 Junior Member

    On average how long does it take for clen to kick in and start working.
    I just started and really don't feel a thing, I'm certainly not going to ramp up the dose, I will stay on schedule.
    I was just curious.
    I started a couple days ago with 20mcg, and now I am at 30mcg. I haven't used the keto to sleep yet because at night I fall asleep on couch before i even make it to bed.
    I have been taking the taurine though.

    I got it from chem-m (for research only)
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    dorkentoilet Junior Member

    your suppose to up the doseage 20mcg until you feel it. I dont really feel anything until 120mcgs. But if like i also get underdose clen which is the reason why i feel it at 120mcgs, because i read up that your really not suppose to go over 120mcgs. Best bet is to keep uping the dose by 20mcgs until you feel then stay at that then taper down.
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    TZTARZAN2000 Member

    its usually recomended to taper up then down. i run 20 mcg. for 4 days, 40 mcg for 4 days 60 mcg for 4 days then i run 100 for 2 weeks then taper down the same way. some people say do it 2 weeks on and 2 off but i didnt see any results myself that way. have you thought about t3? i like to run them together the same way but some would say im extreme!

    good luck
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    B-Irons Member

    Bro..your not that extreme. t3 and clen is great mix. The only thing I hated was when clen and t3 worked together the t3 can eat away at muscle, thus loosing muscle. My favorite combo is 12wk Winnie/3 week Clen and 2 week T3....nice lean look!!
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    TZTARZAN2000 Member

    if you take in high levels of protein and are also on the juice i have not had any muscle loss. i have actually lowered my b/f and stayed at the same weight! nutrition is the key!
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    MAYO Member

    I use pharm grade clen and i feel the first dose within 30 minutes at 20mcg.....may want to contact your source.
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    mmerritt31 Junior Member

    Thanks I think I will In a few days if nothing happens.
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    tballz Junior Member

    Everybody is different. You may not experience the sides severely as others. Up your dosage slowly and see how it goes.

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