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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by crusingdownthestreet, Apr 17, 2019.

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    Hi guys. So I posted a couple weeks back about some clen that I've got. Balkan Pharmaceuticals brand, the stuff was crap and I took up to 10 40mcg tabs a day. Must of been very underdosed or bunk.

    I got some Hilma Biocare brand a couple days back. From a reliable source on meso. I took 20mcg on my first day, yesterday I took 60mcg split into 3x20mcg doses throughout the day. Today I took 40mcg as soon as I woke (about 8am) and another at mid day.

    So today I've taken 80mcg. Im wondering if at this dosage I should have many side effects? As it seems I am not shaking or anything like that, maybe a little unsteady on fine motor movements at the most. Not feeling hot or sweaty. My BPM is elevated about 20 higher than my usual resting. Im not a morning person at all and having this clen has allowed me to forego my usual 200mg caffeine pill in the morning, I dont feel wired, just wide awake. Another effect im getting is that I can feel slight spasms/twitchiness in my calves, quads and arms.
    Basically what I want to know, is this typical? From what I've read online people say you should be shaking and sweating alot. Do I perhaps need more to reach this level? I am 6ft and weigh 108kg.
    And does the muscle spasm/twitchiness sound right?

    Tl:dr - will most people shake on 80mcg dose split in half with a 4 hour gap between? Are muscle spasms/twitchiness a common side effect? Im 6ft and 108kg for reference
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    From everything I've read, 25mcg (legit dosed) of clean should give you Some sides like a fast heartrate.

    Heard The malay tiger was strong stuff that they didn't want to go over 25mcg. No personal experience tho
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    Do some cardio for 20 to 30 min HIIT, you should be drenched in sweat, you will know if you have more than average energy as well
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    If you are in Canada try Pareto labs I'm currently running 50 mcg twice a day, definitely the real McCoy lol
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    I have Balkan 40mg tabs and my hands certainly shake in the beginning of the clen cycle at 80mg. If i took 10 40mg a day, i think i would worry for my life.
    Sweating is always heavier when training
    I'll get some foot cramps and sometimes crippling ab cramps when directly training them.
    And when diets in check i can see fat melt off
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    I'm doing cardio for 45 mins, 3-4 times a week. When I did it yesterday I was definitely exhausted, and much more sweaty than usual. I also seem to get an absolutely insatiable appetite when near the end of the cardio too, even If I've eaten a couple hours before.

    Sadly I'm not.

    The balkans I had prior to starting Hilma Biocare brand looked super legit, I mean they had the hologram all correct and the blister packs serials even verified online with 0 checks. But I was literally taking 2 every 2-3 hours until I did 10 in one day and I realised they must be bunk. (A source on here showed me a video where he talks about fake BP products still verifying on their site).
    Would you say it's a lot of shaking at that dose? I work at a desk and so when I'm typing, gripping things and the like my hands seems to be shaking very very slightly, but if I hold them out they are pretty much perfectly still.
    I mean I'm getting twitchiness and occasional feelings that you get before the onset of cramp in a muscle, but not really any other sides.

    I don't want to call out this current source as their stuff should very well be legit, a couple months ago somebody even complimented them on the thread about how strong their clen is. But from what I'm doing so far it feels very minor, perhaps it's because I'm heavier than most others taking clen... I don't know. I'm gonna dose 80mcg first thing in the AM and then do another 80 some point later tomorrow. I think at that point I should know, especially after running it for a few days.
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    Nah, it's not a ton of shake. I can still type and all but if i hold my fingers straight out, shake's there. Keep in mind by the 3rd or 4th day at 80 my shake is basically gone. Everyones gonna react a little different on it, especially dose amount and how offen they're using it
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    Just an FYI - clenbuterol has an extremely long half and active life...splitting doses in that fashion is not required unless you are bored.
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    I see. Doing that now and my fingers are shaking a little side to side, although very minor shaking is normal for everyone. Never really tried to observe myself this closely before so I'm not sure 100% if theres a difference. My body temperature is average (not sure of my regular baseline). But my resting heart rate is a fair bit higher 80BPM. Had a full heart health check-up with the doc last week and resting heart rate was 57BPM baseline. I'm still twitchy and I can visibly see movement/spasms in some of my muscles so I'm hopeful that it's working.

    Cheers buddy, I'm well aware of that though - the only reason I have been splitting them is that I've started a new job this week and I didn't want to take a massive dose all at once and go in the office sweating and shaking like a junkie. My thoughts were that splitting it up a little would eliminate the most turbulent of sides (which I heard occur within the first 3-5 hours of taking it).
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    I think I may just be lucky that I'm getting a lot of helpful tips!
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