Clen sample cycle?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by liljunior, Feb 8, 2006.

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    liljunior Junior Member

    Hey fellas,

    As the title says, I have been looking around for a sample cycle for clen and have found a few samples but not from this site...

    (Basically if we can put up a sample then we will stop silly questions coming from people like myself)

    I was wondering if anyone has done a cycle they can post or if there is enough interest I will start on a low dosage cycle myself and post my results before and after with stats and so-on including training poss heart rate results before and after depend if ppl are intersted???

    I am looking at:
    Day 1: 40mcg's
    Day 2: 60mcg's
    Day 3: 80mcg's
    Day 4: 80mcg's
    Through to day 11
    Day 12: 60mcg's
    Day 13: 40mcg's
    Day 14: 20mcg's

    I plan on doing a "low" cycle for my first then waiting 2 weeks before hitting it again because I am 90% sure of what to expect
    (I have sampled speed, via tounge and nose, and ephedrine via prescribed tablet and it made me quite sick when I combined it with 6 caffine drinks)

    The only thing I am waiting on is to get over my flu cause I don't want to hurt myself too much....
    So, does anyone have any input? Is there any thing I may have missed out?

    Does anyone have any questions they are unsure about that I haven't thought about but can look for? IE: myths they may have heard?
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    liljunior Junior Member

    All here in black and white!
    Let me know i ppl are intersted and I'll still post my progress....

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    Sheki Junior Member

    I do not really understand why you would want to use clen. I have used it in the past, and it did help me burn fat, maybe max 200kcal a day. The ECA stack is much more effective IMO, and is much safer. Why? Well, your body actually gets a chance to rest when you are a sleep, since the half lifes are shorter.

    ... sorry if I didn't help you any.

    See ya!
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    southbond Junior Member

    Im running clen and cynomel and loseing alot of weight... The cycle you go there looks pretty good.. alomst the same way im doing it exept im also stacking with cynomel..
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    Conciliator Member

    The weight loss comes not from the clen (though it may have a mild thermogenic effect) but from the caloric deficit you create (eating less food). If you don't eat less, clen is not going to be able to work its magic nearly as well. The beauty of clen is that it mobilizes fat much better than ephedrine, thus sparing lean mass during the cutting cycle (by providing free fatty acids to be used for fuel instead). This means that you can really cut calories on clen, lose a lot of weight, and have most of it be fat.
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    Sheki Junior Member

    OK, that is probably true and is a wonderful property for a drug to have. I precieve that Clen misses some properties which the ECA stack does not. ECA suppresses your appetite much much better than Clen, which is very important. It gives you more drive, which is also important when on low calories. It is more safe I precieve since it has a shorter halflife. Both are good ofcourse.

    If it was me I would not risk my health for some tiny bit of muscle mass saved while on Clen. Unless I was in a position as where some tiny bit of muscle mass saved matter much to me.

    Tnx :)
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    Conciliator Member

    True. Clen will not suppress appetite or provide energy quite like ephedrine will. It will work much much better at mobilizing fat though, and I think this is key. The number one goal on a cut is to preserve muscle mass while losing fat mass. clenbuterol does this (first part) much better than EC. It also causes more insulin resistance than EC, which is desirable when you're dieting. All this is in part due to its long half life, which I would say is a great benefit. It works around the clock and with minimal beta-1 stimulation, so you don't get the negative affects on pulse and blood pressure like you do on EC.

    In response I'd say 1) You're not taking an undue risk with your health. Clenbuterol has been prescribed as a bronchodilator in many countries for many years. Talk of cardio myocyte apoptosis is based on rat data and is speculation. We know that rats (and all animals) react much differently to clen than humans do. Further, taurine can be supplemented for its cardio-protective effects if you are worried. 2) We're not talking about a "tiny bit" of muscle mass saved. Clen will provide FFA's for fuel much more readily than EC will.
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    liljunior Junior Member

    Hey fellas....
    Firstly, thanks for the interest! I love this forum!

    Anyway I chose clen for 2 reasons:
    1: It was readily availible to me
    2: I haven't heard about this ECA stack and therefore haven't researched it... so this is better for me....

    So, I'll get my training and cycle down on paper and get it up here for ppl to see....
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    ag-guys Junior Member

    yes, diet is key to fat losss

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    Sheki Junior Member

    You are right, it is much easier on the body than E when it comes to jitterines, and this is very good. The question is if it is effective at the dosages where you do not feel it eg feel jitteri? The recommended dosages most patients use is vey low compared to what most take in order to lose fat.
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    Conciliator Member

    I thought the question was not if clen is effective, but if clen is risky or unsafe to take. That was the question. Answering your question though, I would say that yes, it is very effective even at lower doses where you do not feel it. That's the beauty of a selective beta agonist. I can take 100mcg/day after ramping up for a week and not feel it at all.
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    Sheki Junior Member

    That says it all. :)
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    Eagle_0330 Junior Member

    Could you use ephedra with clen?
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    Phreezer Member

    Technically yes.. but why would you? Your heart rate is already so elevated by the clen IMO it would be stupid to add in ephedra with Clen. ECA's are better added in during periods when you are OFF clen.

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