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  1. candudeballer

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    I know clen is usually used in cutting. Anyone ever use it with NPP for bulking?
  2. Dane17

    Dane17 Member

    I don’t see why you would. It’s nasty shit to be honest. Felt like my heart was gonna explode the 2 times I tried it.
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  3. Did it negatively affect your temper at all? Mine was horrible on it. Tried it 2 or 3 times. Never again!
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  4. Dane17

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    I can’t say that. I did ok with albuterol so figured I’d kick it up to clen. Had a vague feeling of unease/foreboding at the gym about ten minutes there with my heart pounding. Stopped and left. Same thing happened a month later. I threw it all out. I’ll take the occasional albuterol but it gives me bad shakes in my hands with fine motor movements. Can barely sign my name.
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  5. Test_Subject

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    Why would you use it to bulk? The whole purpose of clen is to preserve muscle mass during a cut.
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  6. Just gives me a shit load of energy the shakes if I go more than 2 pills and crazy cramps.
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  7. candudeballer

    candudeballer Member

    Clen is one of the few things i havent tried yet. From what ive read it gives you an extra boost of energy while burning extra cals and maintaining muscle with lots of work
  8. Rambo_1984

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    I understand ketotifen is commonly used with clen to extend the ability to cycle it longer without the receptors becoming desensitized. I can’t seem to get my hands on Ketotifen, has anyone used anything which produces the same effect?

    HIGHRISK Member

    Take Benadryl every third week 50-100 mg before bed. You will also need taurine about 5mg a day from start to finish. Get bananas also. I personally wouldn’t fuck with clen. It’s some wicked shit. Took too much one time and was minutes from calling 911. Thought my heart was gonna explode all while having a anxiety attack at the same time. Fuck that
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  10. Rambo_1984

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    I appreciate the feedback. I have quite a few cycles under my belt but haven’t touched clen of as yet, kind of for the reasons you just mentioned. I’m willing to give it a go at a lower dose. I definitely don’t want to get to a point in getting those crazy sides people often report. Thanks again.

    HIGHRISK Member

    The problem with the crazy sides is you don’t know where there at until you get there. Be safe.
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  12. MindlessWork

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    I have used clen many times but never really had any temper on it. 60mcg per day was my sweet spot.
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  13. nervje

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    Am i weird? Im as honest as i get, ive had the last few clentabs dosed at 40mcg (different labs) and at less than 4 of those i didnt feel anything. Shaking started at 4 tabs, subsided quickly, max i did was around 6 tabs a day dosed at 40mcg, no heart issues ever and shakes also subsided after a few days. (I always did 14 day cycles and then got off at least 14 days).

    I always wondered when i read about people tolerating no more than 80mcg or such. I obviously got up to around 240mcg and only felt the shakes..makes me worry somehow.
    I know the labs i used dosed properly too, would be coincidal to do clen at this dosage from like 3 different labs and all have them heavily underdose it..


    Just to make it clear, i didnt go that high because i like the high dosage, i just went up until i felt slight shaking, its, from how i see it, how everyone does it..taper up to find the "sweet spot" - slight shakes
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  14. i would think, due to the miniscule amount of raw material needed to produce a single tab, that if anything, UGL Clen would be overdosed rather than underdosed.

    In my professional opinion. You're just a freak of nature. :D
  15. nervje

    nervje Member

    Or heart is fucked up at 25 already.

    In all seriousness, in my first clen cycle i went up to around 200mcg already because i didnt "feel" anything tbh.
    Maybe theres more resistance to this on my side
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  16. Holidaypay

    Holidaypay Member

    I'm similar never used clen bit can eat ephedrine N caffeine pills together like skittle never feel shit
  17. nervje

    nervje Member

    Yah lol in a day of work i drink 8 espressos just to not fall asleep from sitting 8 hours
  18. al'sameesh

    al'sameesh Member

    you ever try albuterol?
  19. Munky

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    I ran clen and have a access to a steam room, after work out I sit at about 115f for an hour and drink a few litres of water I found after I slept better, 15min at a time definitely with low carb I lost a lot of water weight and maybe some actual fat loss , it's a crazy addiction not for everyone that clen but definitely a energetic boost in the gym if you love stims you love clen