Clenbuterol 19 years old.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Said Sakas, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Said Sakas

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    Hello i'm an 19 years old guy 207 lbs 5'8 powerlifter.
    I have a powerlifting competition on 2nd of april and i have to drop about 25 lbs. In about 2 months , i managed to cut 2 times before and i managed to get around 10% bodyfat which was awesome naturally for me.
    Now i have a meet and i have to preserve as much muscle as i can because i have to drop alot of weight so.. i have been thinking about using clenbuterol , i have done my research as its not hormonal , short term side effects.
    The problem now is the long-term side effects as i read it will cause some serious heart problems.
    My question is would it be safe to run clen for 2 weeks on 2 weeks off 2 weeks on again and thats it?
    Or should i use it for 2 weeks and thats it.
    Im not planning to run up more than 100mcg maybe 120mcg a day.
    I will be on a calorie defict of 500 calories with steady cardio ( because i wouldnt mess with my blood pressure the clen cause ) and im training on Wendler5/3/1 4days a week.
    Any other suggestions would be appreciated !!
    Thanks alot.
  2. Gronk87

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    You could easily cut the 10-15 lbs naturally without losing much strength at all in 2 months and then water cut the remaining weight as a fighter would. clen really isn't even that powerful of a substance. Might give you a slight boost. Not worth the sides IMO. Try an EC stack and a perfect diet.
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  3. Eman

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    Look into albuterol vs clen if you're going to go for it.

    @Docd187123 knows a thing or two about dropping weight for meets I'm sure. This is a bit out of my realm.

    25 pounds seems like an extreme weight change for a powerlifter leading right up to a meet. That would be throwing your numbers all over the place.
  4. tubesox

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    Justin Beiber?
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  5. greenddog1

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    This is probably not the advice you're looking for, but aside from the effects of clen on anyone, much less a 19 year old, here is my suggestion.
    Skip the meet. Prepare better for the next one and work off the weight you need to lose. You'll find the strength loss is negligible and should fair better than with a quick loss due to clen.
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  6. tubesox

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    If you're looking for an extreme weight shift like that DNP sounds like a more efficient compound. I would never take a substance used in explosives though, may as well smoke meth in my eyes. But that's just me.
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  7. Gronk87

    Gronk87 Member

    I wanted to suggest DNP but he is only 19, idk if I could be trusted not to fuck that up at that age
  8. Said Sakas

    Said Sakas Junior Member

    I really would like to skip the meet and prepare for another one but the thing is im leaving to germany in june to start studying , I will be a doctor on steroids hahahaha.
    And for the DNP suggestion , i dont think its a wise idea to do.
    I kinda agreed to use clen ( already bought 100pill of 40mcg ).
    Lots of people in my gym suggested Anavar but i'm not dumb
    1. No oral cycles only for men.
    2. No steroids before 24 age atleast.
    So if i make it to the 190 lbs class would the clen anti-catabolic power will save me the muscle and strength?
    And the most important thing , is the long-term side effects comes from only using it for 1 or 2 2 weeks cycles ?
    Or for over a year of using ?
    Thanks again
  9. Said Sakas

    Said Sakas Junior Member

    I already read that Albuterol is a better option , but i just cant find it anywhere here.
  10. Eman

    Eman Member

    Pretty easy to find if you look around some. I would suggest you stay away from using clen, I've never used it but I do know from extensive reading that it does not fit your goals.

    Of course dropping 25 pounds leading up to a powerlifting meet doesn't really fit your goals either I wouldn't think...
  11. tubesox

    tubesox Member

    Just wait man.
  12. insaiyan93

    insaiyan93 Member

    Would just competing In the next weight class up be out of the question? Or would that leave you too far behind the competition?
  13. Docd187123

    Docd187123 Member

    DNP is not a wise choice in this situation as his performance must not suffer and DNP will cause lethargy and make him feel like shit. clen is only really going to help at lower body fat percentages and even then it's effects aren't anything to write home about.

    OP: what kind of meet experience do you have, what weight class you going for, and are any legit world/national/class records at stake?
  14. Said Sakas

    Said Sakas Junior Member

    Well yeah man its the official meet of Israel ( if i get the 1st place ) , im the champion of israel ( juniors ).
    So do you suggest that i run 2 weeks clen or 2 weeks on 2 off 2 on again?
    Maybe EC Stack?
    I already got my clen , 400gr taurine , potassium caps , 200 Serving BCAA , multivitamin , joint support.
    Everything needed for a cut.
  15. Said Sakas

    Said Sakas Junior Member

    Thanks all ! I really appreciate your help.
  16. Docd187123

    Docd187123 Member

    Against my better judgement I'm going to be real with you here. If I were in your shoes and I had a LEGITIMATE shot at winning a national level meet I would just take a ton of diuretics a few days prior to the meet, drop all 25lbs in water and glycogen, after weighing in id hook up to an IV saline solution to rehydrate in time for the meet. I have a friend that drops 40+ lbs for a meet but he's a nationally ranked lifter and knocking on the door of being internationally ranked. The best in the sport do this.

    Now coming to my senses that you're only 19yo, I cannot with a good conscience, recommend you do this. The risks are great and you are pretty young. I just wanted you to know what I personally would do but I have no qualms dealing with the consequences of my own actions so I can only speak for myself.

    To answer some of your earlier questions:

    1) yes you can take clen 2wks on and 2wks off. To get more out of the clen and to be able to run it until the meet WITHOUT having to do the 2wks off you could use ketotifen.

    2) I never got much from clen and it's fat loss abilities are grossly overstated by many. It just does not make a huge difference one way or the other. Maybe it'll make 1lb of difference. I know this can mean making weight or not but if you're only 1lb over you can always go to a sauna or somewhere very hot and sweet a pound off quick.

    3) when I ran clen I got such bad muscle cramps that I could not even squat my own body weight. I couldn't walk up or down steps. I couldn't put my arm behind my back. I ran taurine wih it but still got horrific cramps. This doesn't happen to many ppl and you'll know quickly if it does happen but it can ruin your training until you come off of it if you're like me.

    4) Clem's anti-catabolic properties are grossly overstated. To my knowledge it was only shown in horses that are taking crazy high doses. There's very little evidence to support any significant anti-catabolic properties of clen.

    5) you most likely will not suffer any long term complications with such short use.

    How much time do you have between when you weigh In and when you lift? Knowing that I can actually recommend something for you. Your approach might need to differ if you have a 24hr weigh in or a shorter time.

    I also have a meet on April 2. Smash some records in yours!

    Lastly, you have a very beautiful country. I've traveled to there when I've went to Lebanon to visit.

    TX TERROR Member

    Really can't add anything to this... I'm also in favor of just depleting hard last minute.

    Eat right up until then and youl make it no problem. Just run a nice dyazide run or something before the show youl be fine.

    25 lbs isn't much man and you wanna stay explosive. Idk if I'd go clen. I would do albuterol personaly.

    DO NOT DO DNP! That much is for sure.
  18. Docd187123

    Docd187123 Member

    I feel like I should clarify my previous post some.

    With the diuretics, it's not what I can recommend him in good conscience. It's simply what I would do but I'm a risk taker by nature.
  19. Said Sakas

    Said Sakas Junior Member

    Well man , Thanks alot , these are the answers i was looking for.
    About the weigh ins and the time for the lift i still have no idea how is it going on as its my first meet .
    My records now
    Deadlift : 520
    Squat : 485
    Bench : 335

    Okay so i would save the clen till the last 3 weeks if time got me i will use the clen for 2 weeks only and then take 1 week off to get prepared to the meet.
    And man about the albuterol i wish that i can find some legal one here.
    I bought the meditech ( german one ) because i can check the code of the product in the website to make sure is original.
    And yeah man i forgot to say that im tolerant to stims. Im using Pro supps Mr hyde and i take 1 1/2 scoops which is about 640mg caffeine pre workout.
    And sometimes 3/4 scoop mr hyde 300mg caffeine and 80MG DMAA.
    I still have bulk DMAA if its benefical for weight loss.
    Again , thanks!
  20. Big_paul

    Big_paul Member Supporter

    You should have asked this question January 5th. Take this as a learning lesson. The best advice I can give you would be to get within 7-8 lbs a few days before the weigh in, and drop water the last 3 days.

    Don't use drugs, you will be fucking up your electrolytes as it is dropping water the last several days. Nothing is worth your health.