Clenbuterol - missing results (Am i overthinking it - or am i doing something wrong)?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by GMTPepsi, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. GMTPepsi

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    Hi guys,

    (Male - 24 years old - 92-92 kg - 184 cm)

    I’m in the middle of my first two weeks Of my clen Cycle.. (doing 2 weeks on 2 weeks off x2).

    I’m on 160 mcg as the highest. I work out every single day, and i’m on about 1000 calorie deficit.

    I just lost 16 kg. in 3 months - so i’m very determined, and i’m fairly good with what i eat etc.

    I can’t seem to see results on the scale - maybe only like 1 kg. Actually this morning i stepped on the scale and i’ve gained a kg.

    Should i just carry on, or Can there be something that Can mess it up?

    Am i Holding up water?

    Is it normal to not see the biggest results after 7 days?

    I know it’s not a magic pill, and i know the side effects - but i just expected more. I’m not givent you a lot Of info - and i know it’s hard for you to determine what’s maybe wrong. I just wanted to reach out - maybe simeons has experienced something similar.

    Best regards mates!
  2. Savagesteve

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    You using UGL clen? From my experience everyone has a different tolerance to it as I can take 40mcg and shake like no other whole my buddy can take 80 mcg and go to sleep.
  3. Evom1

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    It's probably fake or severely underdosed if you're taking 160mcg and you're fine

    I'm 240lbs and 40mcg is plenty for me
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  4. Test_Subject

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    160mg would have me shaking like Michael J. Fox.

    Either your clen is bunk or you have a superhuman tolerance.
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  5. Mac11wildcat

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    I can’t comment on the clen other than that is an absurd amount but as far as the diet part of this I’ve got something to add.

    You’ve obviously done a good job so far, but 1000cal deficit is huge. You’d be better served at 500cals till you stop seeing results, another 500 cals, repeat. Reason being your body loves to adapt, and the more points you can create for it to adapt to the more extensive (and healthy) weight loss you can create.

    Unless you were eating 5000cals+, a 1000cal deficit will hve you at crash diet territory in two adjustments. Once your body finds homeostasis at a certain caloric intake weight loss will cease (assuming expenditure remains the same). Really doesn’t matter what drugs you’re on as eventually it will normalize and progress will stop.

    As far as weight loss in general goes; USE THE MIRROR more than the scale. They’re both tools, but the mirror rarely lies. The scale has a nasty habit of it.
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  6. GMTPepsi

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    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for all the answers!

    It's clenbuterol from MAGNUS PHARMA...

    I've checked the code on the package and verified it online, and i said it was Legit..

    I ofc. have some big shaking... especially right when i started on it. I also sweat a bit at night, and have som head ache. But i can live with it.

    But again... i'm a bit dissapointed that i'm not loosing more fat.. not that my expectations was that i was shredded after 10 days, but they were higher than this.

    I'm on day 9 now, and still on 4 pills every morning (160 mcg) and i don't think there's any noteworthy results.

    I guess it's maybe just not for me... i'll keep on with the cycle. But prob. the last time, if it keeps on with this. Then i think i'm just better off without :)

    Best regards,
  7. Holidaypay

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    The 1000 cals could be to much an with how much you lost your body could be slowing down because it thinks there is a problem have a cheat meal an drop it to 500 cals c if that works your body thinks your starving if ur deficit is to much an it will try to keep you alive bye slowing your metabolism down
  8. GMTPepsi

    GMTPepsi Junior Member

    You're right about that i'm prob. lowering my metabolism, when i'm on such a big deficit.

    I've just read about the clen can increase Water Retention (Just googled it)

    Also just talked with a friend, that said he experienced exactly the same, and he first saw the best results, when he was OFF with the Clen after the first 14 days.

    Anyone experienced this?
  9. Holidaypay

    Holidaypay Member

    I haven't used it but I hear people cycle it on an off can't hurt to try if u plateau
  10. Eman

    Eman Member

    You said you lost 16kg but you're not seeing results on the scale...? I don't understand.

    Are you not seeing results in the past 2 weeks you mean? Since starting the clen?

    Clen is just about worthless IMO, when comparing sides to results. It raises metabolic rate by a pretty small amount on it's own. When having to deal with the shakes, cramps, etc... It doesn't seem worth taking.
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  11. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter


    I feel this way for most “weight loss” drugs unless you’re in medical need or trying to find that last ounce of fat for competition.

    Eat right, do cardio, train hard. The rest takes care of itself. Look to remove variables, not add them.
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  12. Boxsquatter

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    160mcg every morn? At one time? Bro come on. That’s would be like smoking a gram of meth in a few hits. I wouldn’t even be able to function normally. Be careful. Pretty sure your stuff is bunk or very very underdosed..
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  13. Xlgx

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    Trying 30mcg tomorrow ;)
  14. Kracken

    Kracken Member

    To be fair, its very difficult to know how much calorie deficit to run for optimal fat loss. Like others said, too much and your metabolism crashes. Too little, you don't lose the fat. Between getting your TDEE right and knowing how many calories you burn in training, all you can do is hope you can guess right.
  15. TheH0517

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    The worst is when you drop too quickly and by the end of your cut, your doing 90min of cardio on top of intense work outs with less than 2,000 calories and overdosing on chemicals to try and get anything to work.

    Ended up with injuries and feeling like an old man with pain everywhere. Learned that lesson.
  16. Eman

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    Keeping in mind that this is a study with obese participants... I came across this post in IG right after reading the thread and figured I'd post it up.

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  17. Mac11wildcat

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    It’s acrually pretty simply assuming you’re eating like you should (the same macros/cals every day). “Optimal” is subjective. 500cal deficit until mirror progress has stopped always works.
  18. Dude, you're at 200lb @6ft tall.. why go on such an extreme weight lost? 1000kcal defict is huge when many members have told you to drop 500kcal until you stall then drop another 500kcal. I would have personally do 250kcal then another 250kcal. I enjoy food to much and would rather increase cardio to help reduce my overall calories intake.

    Then 160mg of clen... that's alot!!! The fact you "checked the package code and it's verified online" means jack shiet! It has to be lab tested and always remember when dealing with UGL's.. the 1st batch might be good, but don't expect the next batch to be the same! Always, test your gear!

    I say... drop your clen... clean up your diet and increase your cardio--works wonder and have been proven time over time to work along with hard work and determination.. There's no wonder drug to lost weight.. ZERO!!!
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  19. Kracken

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    It's straightforward with discipline to track calorie consumption. Tracking calorie use is a different story. You can estimate it using a TDEE calculator, then you can estimate the extra based on exercise. Then there is some impact from gear and other meds you can estimate... In the end, that's a lot of estimating and therefore, knowing your caloric deficit with any accuracy is not quite so easy.
  20. Munky

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    Notice any strength increase or intensity with your clen at that dose of 160 it should be slightly anabolic and burning fat