Clenbuterol, Salbutamol/Albuterol and Sleep

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    Howdy everyone, I'm wondering how to get the best of both worlds here:
    I love the effects of clen and also the way that it makes me feel, the energy boost. Same with albuterol/Sambutamol.

    BUT. About sleep:
    The side effect that I get - since I'm sensitive to stimulants - is lousy sleep.
    High heart rate and restlessness, etc, screw up the quality of my rest after just some days.
    And you wouldn't believe how small a dose we're talking here. I use a QUARTER tab, no idea how strongbthe tab though.

    How can you get the best of both worlds? Without prozac, I mean ;-)

    Maybe just use a little bit every other day, even every third day?

    albuterol btw does the same thing for me, perhaps not as extreme but after a while quality sleep suffers, whereas normally I sleep absolutely sound.

    Thanks y'all!
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    albuterol has a pretty short effective life, so you should be able to sleep fine if you time your dosings correctly. If in doubt, melatonin is good stuff. 20mg and you'll be dead to the world.
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    No Sir, maybe I should? I THINK I can get that in a cough medicine here...
    Would loritin work?
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    Thanks for that; I use Melatonin every night but only 3 mg.
    have used up to 40 wo probs, but when my heart rate is up like that nothing much helps, not even high dose melatonin...
    But maybe ketotifen would do the trick? I have loritin and this cough syrup which both make you drowsy and the syrup is supposed to also up-regulate receptors... SURE works for sleep, this one!
    But I don't want to take too many drugs, this cough syrup made me so drowsy I nearly crashed my car! We're talking taking it before bed here...
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    You can use benadryl as well if I'm not mistaken.

    You should be using it if you're not cycling on and off of the clen... It might also make you drowsy and help with sleep.
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    is it the ingredient in benadyrl. Dihydramine?? or whatever. I have those in 25 mg. And been taking them here and there. That would make clen more effective?
  8. Salbulatamol i have puffers for asthma i take 400mcg erytime i beed and i doent afect sleep
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    It doesn't make it more effective, it prevents it from losing effectiveness. One down regulates the beta receptors and the other upregulates.

    Inhalers don't have much effect in regard to fat loss, oral version needs to be taken. They are 4mg a tab for albuterol, much more likely to effect sleep. Although, I've taken naps after taking albuterol before... Just depends I guess
  10. VVV

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    YEAH! Benadryl, that's a cough med am I right? Yeah it makes you very drowsy and I heard say it upregulates clen receptors...