Clomid and short term memory

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    Hey guys. A while back I had come off completely. I utilized clomid during the process and recovered very well which I was happy about. The one unfortunate side effect I've noticed is my once excellent short term memory has really taken a hit.

    Are any of you aware of ways to "recover" this? When searching I essentially found things for the older community such as doing various word games and sudoku type exercises as well as herbs along the lines of ginkgo.

    Any input would be great. It's far from a severe situation. However constantly forgetting things during the day or from a previous day is a bit of an inconvenience.
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    When my T is low I have issues with concentration and short term memory. Are you low?
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    No sir, currently on.
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    stop using drugs
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    What you on about? The OP is just asking a question here.