Clomid Prescribed For Low T - Age 33

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    I had blood drawn earlier this fall and found that I had low T for my age. It was at level Total 250. This was not a surprise as I had been fatigued, depressed, anxious, had abs. no sex drive, testicles felt smaller, had gained weight, etc. prolactin,LH, and Estrodial were normal. I am 6 ft and weigh 198. Work out at least 3x a week as well as cardio.

    After a disagreement with my primary dr… he wanted to prescribe androgel and I did not want to shut down my system. I found a great Urologist who decided to start me on clomid 25 mg every other day. It took my total T up to 818 in one month, it also brought my Estrodial up to 62 (from a low number). He asked that I back off the Cloimd to 25 mg twice a week because he is concerned about development of Gynocomestica. I asked him for either a hcg cycle (while off Clomid) or arimidex on off days to balance things. He was not comfortable with adding either.

    Overall, I feel allot better than before. Lifting more at the gym, better concentration, slightly better erections, etc. However, my libido and mood are still all over the place, my testicles don't feel any different, and I seem to have gained some weight. Would HCG or an aromatase inhibitor help? Any thoughts/experiences would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance guys.
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    Please post COMPLETE blood work (with lab ref ranges)
    BEFORE and AFTER clomid

    Your Risk With Clomid

    Clomid for Men with Low Testosterone Part One by Jeffrey Dach MD

    Clomid For Men with Low Testosterone Part Two by Jeffrey Dach MD

    Clomiphene Clomid Adverse Side Effects
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    These are the labs that the Dr had done. First round was with primary and second round with the urologist:

    Before clomid:

    Total testosterone: 284 (normal range: 348-1197 ng/dl)
    LH: 4.9 (normal range 1.5-9.3 mIu/ml)
    prolactin: 6.4 (normal range 4.8-23.3 ng/dl)
    Estrodiol: 20 (normal range < or = 39)

    After Clomid 25 mg eod - 1 month:

    Total Testosterone: 818 (normal range: 348-1197 ng/dl)
    Free Testosterone: 172.2 (normal range 35.0-155.0)
    LH: 10.9 (normal range 1.5-9.3 mIu/ml)
    Estrodiol: 62 (normal range < or = 39)
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    High FT and high E2...
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    This shows your testicles are in great condition. All numbers are great except estradiol.
    How long were you on clomid?
    Any vision effects?
    Did you check psa and DHT level?
    I would try clomid 2x per week and then check estrogen after 2 or 3 weeks.
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    lomid boosted my T up and everything was great EXCEPT it killed my libido.
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    Thanks for the responses. I really appreciate it.

    I've been on clomid for about 2 months now. 2 weeks ago I went down to 25 mg/twice a week per dr.'s orders. Since then libido and erections have virtually disappeared. I'm not even getting much morning wood. The dr never ordered DHT or any other lab work. What I posted is what was checked. I haven't had any side effects except being overly emotional/moody, the transient libido, and what I thought was weight gain but is actually water retention. No vision problems.

    This leads me to believe my current problems are rooted in the elevation of E2. I see the doc again on Fri and I'm getting labs done before then. I think I'm going to ask for a super micro dose of arimidex to bring the E2 down a bit.

    Toolman - are you still on Clomid? Did you do or add anything to take care of the Libido problem?

    Thanks again all.
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    No I bailed on the clomid after a few months. My Dr. also added a low dose of adex as well. It lowered the E, bumped test even slightly higher, but still no libido. Then I went on test cyp, 50 mgs 2 times a week and never looked back. Been on for about a year and a half and still no negative sides. Libido and ED issues are all gone and have been all that time. The only thing from it being a perfect world is my hematocrit and LDL are higher but they are not horrible. Just at the top part of the normal range. I used to be n the low part of the normal bracket on both.
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    Have you had any testicular atrophy/shrinkage on test? Are you running hcg as well?

    What you described is pretty much exactly what the doc and I discussed if clomid didn't work. Definitely curious. I've heard of people adding adex or aromasin at small amounts and having libido come roaring back.
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    How high is your LDL??
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    140 on last draw after the holidays so not too worried as the diet is not as clean then. Been running 120-140 on test. HDL consistently in high 50's and triglycerides in low 50's.
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    I haven't needed the adex, no issues with libido or any other sides E related.estradiol runs 29 pretty much every draw give or take a few points.

    Yes on the atrophy/shrinkage but no issues. At 50 I don't want anymore children and don't really care that my balls are smaller, happily trade the size over the benefits TRT has given me.
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    hi there,
    I took clomid for one month 25 mg ed that was 2 months ago and I still feel tired and cold and depressed,is this all from clomid?
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    Whoah! That's some crazy blood there broski.
    Estradiol AND Free T high; that's a new one on my account. o_O
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    Did you check Thyroid , ACTH , cortisol and ferritin?
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