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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by tphskab, Jun 8, 2010.

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    tphskab Junior Member

    So my coworker told me his friend had a rash and the doctor told him to take a bath and add 1/4 cup clorox bleach to the water. According to my coworker, all the hair on his friends body fell off and his skin was incredibly smooth with no ill effects. I would ask my doctor, but I have no health insurance, so I come to the internet for my answer :)

    My questions:
    Have you ever tried a clorox bath?
    Any negative effects?
    Does your hair really fall off? (this would save me a lot of time shaving!)

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    nickatnite Junior Member

    Come back in a week and let us know if you're friend is still alive. Just kidding, but in all seriousness I have never heard of anything like that.. Maybe someone here has.. I personally wouldn't try it, but good luck.
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    BBC3 Member

    Just come on over where I live and take a shower on tuesdays[:eek:)]..... Reminds me of "the Trifecta". This is a proceedure where one tries to recover himself pshchologically after a good night of whoring. We are talking post a bodily fluid involved extravaganza.!!

    Step 1 - Immediately saturate genitals in rubbing alchohol upon entry to your vehicle. Soak hands, cock, steering wheel, and keys. Anything you have touched.
    Step 2 - Now let that simmer on the way back home, as you look in the mirror, the mood dependent upon just how low filthy you got. Now arrive home for a good clorox dousing of the hands and genetalia. Be in the shower with the water running for this one. It starts out cool and crisp, but soon turns to napalm. FYI, be sure and soak in a good long bath post shower so as to remove all of the clorox that soaks into your nut sack. While you may think you washed it all off, there is nothing quite like awakening in the middle of the night with your sack skin about 1/2 thick, and with a nice pink shade.
    Step 3- Scrub thoroughly with soap and cloth immediately post clorox application. Don't forget the 30 min bath post shower/scrubdown.

    Now, if the preceeding does not make you feel "clean" again. It will at least add for some further sadistic entertainment on an already filthy evening concluded. Not for amateurs or light hearted for sure. Again, the risk of the treatment, must be outweighed by the smell of the skank...[:eek:)] DONT TRY IT..........

    By the way. A splash of chlorox in a big bath is not really going to do all that much. The story with the hair and all complete bullshit. For Clorox to dissolve body hair, with is made of skin type cells except MUCH TOUGHER, one would have to expose themselves to so much chorine that their skin would surely be comming off, permanently damaged at the min. IT IS A HARSH CHEMICAL and a TOXIN to the body. DONT BATHE IN IT. Its not healthy to kill the natural good bacteria on the body.

    FYI, while they put it in the water, it is a price to pay in lieu of social commodity. There is simply no better cost effective method of sterilizing it. It you drink tap water you are a fool. If you soak in clorox you are a fool x 2. If anyone told you to do that then give em a nice kick in the balls in exhange for their bid to get you cancer....
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    tphskab Junior Member

    I figured it wasn't a good idea, but I thought I would see if anyone had tried it. Thanks for the responses :)
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    zkt Member

    My Brothers [:eek:)]

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