Cloudy Tren Ace

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by Ripp, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. Ripp

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    I have some tren Ace that turns cloudy when cool. If I heat the bottle before injection, the Tren turns nice and clear. I have been shooting it with no problem (once warm). Any ideas on how to take the cloudyness out, other than using heat?
  2. baddaddee

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    Have you tried filter while cold/ cloudy?
    Have some with the same problem. Been pinning it for 8 weeks with no issue. Two theories are going around.
    1. moisture
    2. impurities
    At first I thought moisture cause I used the same raws before without issue. But now now I'm leaning towards impurities. Makes sense, when heated the impurities go into solution, when cool they fall out of solution.
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  3. Ripp

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    I filtered it twice, but I did while warm. I haven't tried to filter at room temperature, (good idea). I initially thought it was moister too, but after so many times of heating it, I couldn't figure it out. Thanks for the information. I will try to filter while cool, and will post my findings. Thanks again.
  4. Robfromga

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    You didn't get any moisture in it? The tiniest amount will mess you up .