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Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by Uglyrichie, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. Uglyrichie

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    There is a ATM near me. Is it worth it, can you send from them if so are the fees high. Thinking on taking the bitcoin plunge and an ATM is really the only feasible way for me. Thanks
  2. Boss hog

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    Just picked up 80 dollars worth of Bit Coin this morning on coinflip ATM and it cost me 6 dollars for the transaction. Send to your wallet then to whom ever.

    Just check the fees that they charge before purchasing
  3. Uglyrichie

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    Thanks man
  4. Uglyrichie

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    Not a fan cheaper to send wu. Just my ATM experience don't know if it costs to send coin but so far not a fan.
  5. Kingsmountain

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    Yes, there is a fee to purchase and a fee to send bitcoin.

    From my usage experience, it is roughly 7% cost to purchase and 7% cost to send.

    Where you make out is a lot of suppliers will give you a break for using bitcoin to purchase. That is usually around 10% or so.

    So, roughly your total cost will be somewhere around 4% after the supplier discount for using bitcoin.

    Not bad IMHO along with the fact the transfer is much much quicker so your package gets processed a lot faster.

    Remember, this is just my experience , YMMV due to which bitcoin atm service you use.