Coinbase address?

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  1. FiEnD

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    How do I find a payment address within Coinbase so that I can receive a refund?
  2. dokdonia

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    Click on the Accounts link at the top. Down the left side are your wallets. Click on the BTC wallet Receive button to get the coinbase wallet address.
  3. iGone

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    You also need ID verification in order to transfer cyrpto with coinbase, which makes me raise the questions if it's safe to use for ugl purchases
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  4. FLTestlab

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    Thays why I never use coinbase for my purchases. They want so much information from the buyer. Ontop of that its a US based company which the GOV can get a warrant anytime they want.

    I use a bitcoin atm which they dont require any information just an email and btc address. They only charge 2% and every other transaction is for free. You can also request a wallet in a click of abbutton and get paid.

    Coinbase is a no no for me. I have used xcoins which is not a US based company but stopped ever since i found a atm.
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  5. Soren

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    Coinbase is strictly for depositing money and purchasing crypto. Once CB release funds, you transfer to a blockchain wallet.

    Coinbase is regulated and will flag your account and lock it down if you're doing anything naughty.

    Blockchain isn't regulated and as such you can send and receive money from anyone without worry of them shutting you down.

    If you want to transfer funds back to coinbase, you send them from blockchain wallet back to coinbase and you cash out.

    Never purchase anything using your coinbase wallet.

    If someone wanted to investigate a crime, coinbase is there to rat you out, blockchain doesn't do this, they don't even have your password, much easier to hide your activity.
  6. Grayscale Compounding

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    The safest way to use Coinbase for UGL payments is to transfer any purchased cryptocurrency from their wallet to an exchange (preferably one without KYC), and then trade it for Monero (almost completely untraceable). If your source only accepts Bitcoin, you can trade it once (Ethereum for example), and then trade it back to Bitcoin (BTC -> ETH -> BTC), and then withdraw it to another wallet or directly to your source's wallet.

    BTC transactions are 100% traceable. Using an exchange that doesn't require an ID effectively stops the trail.
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  7. Savagesteve

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    So would using blockchain for instance stop the trace?
  8. Grayscale Compounding

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    A blockchain is just a form of a decentralized ledger (or database in a sense) that cryptocurrencies are built on. Bitcoin has its own blockchain, but it is independent from other blockchains (Ethereum, for example).

    One blockchain that can stop the trace is Monero. They use different cryptographic techniques to hide all transactions making them much more secure and privacy oriented than Bitcoin.

    Hope that answered your question.
  9. luissp

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    F*ck that...I´m gonna be late for a payment...
    Pharmacom btc tutorial states is very popular for btc wallets, I guess one can set up an account there and pay through it.
    Looking at blockchain right now ( actually), any advice on which of those might be easier/safer to use ?
    Planning to change EUR to btc within Coinbase, wire the btc to either to electrum or Blockchain, than pay the vendor from there.
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