Coinbase Help?


So, just dumped a few hundred into CB to place a couple orders.

First time doing the crypto thing, and seemed to be all good. Linked the bank account, made the transfer...

Funds are on hold for 20 days.

ACH takes a day or two to clear. I've never seen it take longer than five.

What kind of fuckery is this?

I'm pulling my shit right back off as soon as I can. In the mean time, any alternatives that allow me to transfer to external wallets within a day or two?

Having my money held hostage so CB can rake in the interest doesn't exactly make my bottom tingle.

Especially when prices are so volatile.



I'm so special that I needed my own thread, despite the fact that there are several regarding the same issue right below.

So new question...

Thoughts on XLM?

It's trading at around .08 but it sounds like IBM is backing it in a big way.

Already threw down on a little XRP and hoping for the best. But it sounds like Swift gave them the cold shoulder. So...


Buying these coins are a 100% gamble, and the market isn't looking so hot, so a bad bet imo, especially top 10 coins like xlm and xrp.
Cashapp cashapp cashapp, fuxk coinbase


Yeah, waiting on CA to verify me now.


Will say though, bought my BTC on a massive dip. I could already sell at a profit.

Not much...but enough for an extra vile of Test. So not all bad.

Guess I'll ride it for awhile and see what it does. Been a couple good spikes the last week, so hoping for some kind of positive here.


Btc is still in a downtrend and the market follows btc. anything could happen but there is not enough profit in day trading vs. Risk ratio to spark my interest. Best of luck to you