Coinbase is traumatizing, I give up, trying to buy aas is too hard


It always seems like one thing after another

I hate the government

I hate society

And I hate people stepping on my neck.

I quit.


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I'll get it sorted out myself and doing some digging on setting up wallets. Not in it to play the investment game as the government wants its cut of the action so don't intend to keep money in it.


Lol...OP whats the problem?
I almost locked myself out of the account forever... With my information on file after buying BTC. It was a frustrating night. I think after I use what I've brought im switching to weastern unions methods. This Internet payment shit ain't my style. They even wanted my bank credentials for this, routing and account number wasn't enough. Had me upload my fucking drivers license. When I thought I wouldn't be able to get back in my account, I was mad.
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