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    That's good to know
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    Naw. I'll just keep the MG WU options. I dont order too much gear. I'm on TRT and I just run that and add some stuff here and there. Connecting it to my card kinda wigs me out anyway.
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    Just went to the first time to LBC to find a bitcoin ATM, but it says you can do a quickbuy online? does this work?
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    @Millard Baker its not about security with transferring to other wallets, it's about coinbase not closing your account. To be secure you would have to transfer from coinbase then transfer again once in tor and use a dark tumbler to dark wallet then back to a normal wallet not tied to anything.

    Android makes it easy with samurai app where it simulates a tumble enough to make it pretty much untraceable except to CIA and NSA.

    Again it's all about not getting your coinbase account closed. The more you transfer the less chance of that. In the end security on the money end doesn't matter much since most have it sent in real name to their house which is the true weak link.
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    No. It's about not having your identity/payments linked to illegal activities. Don't for a moment think that this is not the main concern. Whether or not Coinbase closes your account is secondary.
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    @Millard Baker problem is most people using coinbase don't even know how to open tor much less how to use it to open dark wallets and tumble.

    When I tell people to transfer from coinbase it to keep cb from closing the account. Period. I know it traceable but cb usually will not close the account if there is at least one wallet between it and the flagged account.

    And if security was so important then why do most people use WU with their real name? Why do they get it sent to their house in their real name? Most people pretend to care about security but are not willing to spend money or time to learn to protect themselves.
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    I see where you're coming from. You're right on this. Most people are more concerned about keeping their Coinbase account open and it is the answer to this question that they want to hear.
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    Regarding this ^^^

    Coinbase/Circle may monitor who you send payments to up to 4 hops
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    TumbleBitis on the way.

    "TumbleBit: An Untrusted Bitcoin-Compatible Anonymous Payment Hub".

    This repo contains the Proof of Concept implementation used in the paper, as well as a reference implementation for the protocols in python3. These implementations are intended only to describe and prototype TumbleBit the protocols. They should not be deployed in production.

    nTumbleBit is being developed for production use and is the official opensource implementation of TumbleBit.

    Description: TumbleBit is a new anonymous payments protocol that is fully compatible with today’s Bitcoin protocol. TumbleBit allows parties to make payments through an untrusted Tumbler. No-one, not even the Tumbler, can tell which payer paid which payee during a TumbleBit epoch. TumbleBit consists of two interleaved fair-exchange protocols that prevent theft of bitcoins by cheating users or a malicious Tumbler. TumbleBit combines fast cryptographic computations (performed off the blockchain) with standard bitcoin scripting functionalities (on the blockchain) that realize smart contracts. TumbleBit was used to mix 800 input addresses to 800 output addresses on Bitcoin's blockchain.
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    but honestly vendors should accept all forms of cryptos with wallets like exodus that have shape shift to change your coins to what ever. And there are alot of alt coins that are way less tracable but also in time that bitcoin is down. you can change to alt thats doing well basically you have become a day trader. But most important have a wallet thats yours!!! If you down own the key Its not your wallet.
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    No doubt they can monitor up to four, hell they could do a hundred if it's in the block chain. Just in my expierenced and read about those that got their account closed, i have never seen them do it. No doubt they can and have, I just haven't seen it or heard about it.
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    It may have as much to do with the vendor as it does with the customer. For some vendors, it's very easy to link one individual bitcoin payment with dozens of other customers.
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    You can make it difficult if you use private wallet with Tor and have multi sig. The wallets have disposable address for one time use. But like I said before there are so many options in alt coins as well that can be changed and shifted and put back. But really let's look at the root (Coinbase) Coinbase is a bank and they go by bank regulation and you don't have a key it's not you wallet and you are at there Mercy. There are so many options P2P or exchanges. ATMs.
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    I use Bitcoin ATMs
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    who do
    Its gone up $421 in the last week alone.
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    Anyone notice coinbase not up??
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    I've noticed it dropping in and out of service a couple of times today. By closing out of the app and reloading it, it seemed to fix the problem for me.
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    Barely got it working yesterday.. it's not even coming up now