Coinbase now refuses my credit and debit cards


I am no longer able to purchase bitcoins from coinbase using my cc or debit card. My last transaction was a couple of months ago. Any suggestions on how I can purchase bitcoins now?


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There was an issue with their payment processing. It can be a simple fix as deleting your cards and re-adding them. As much as i do not like coinbase, its the easiest way to buy IMO. I would first email or call customer support as to what is going on with your account first. If it was closed or not. Other options include the ABRA app which is instant with amercian express I think. Kraken but the process will take awhile. There are others also...just cant think of which ones at the moment.


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Don't purchase crypto with your credit/debit cards. Just a bad idea all around imo.

Always use your bank to transfer the money it takes 5-6 days, but its more secure.