Coincafe Review

Just giving a quick review of CoinCafe since there has been a lot of questions about buying Bitcoins.

After setting up an account you have to upload a picture of your drivers license or passport and a picture of you holding it up so they can verify it is you. This is iffy to me, but of all I looked at this seemed the best option for me. You can then create an order based on the number of coins or dollar amount you want to purchase. I have used the cash deposit at a Bank of America branch. To give you an idea on $600 the total is $620 for next day, and $660 for same day. The shit part is you are locked in at the price shown when you make your payment, unless there is a big change in the market....Yeah a little crazy. Anyways you can see in your account the order is approved for processing, and they are deposited by 5pm the next day.

On the plus side it is easy to transfer money once it is in your account/wallet. It is actually pretty easy to use overall, but not that convenient. The big plus of bitcoins is for the receiver having money deposited instantly in their wallet. I am not expert in the market or on the technology, but have used this site. I am not endorsing them, who knows they might screw you over, just providing my experience.

Delivery SpeedPayment Methods

In Person
Bitcoin ATM
Same Day
(higher fees)

Western Union
At Bank of America
Next Day
Cash by FedEx
At Bank of America
2 Days
Money Order

7‑14 Days
Wire transfer

Here are the payment methods just for reference.

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