Comparing cycle length and recovery

I've done 2-week prop cycles (with an oral) with success and love the instantaneous recovery.

But I want to try experimenting with longer durations like 4, or 6 weeks of T-prop and Tren (or an oral).

Are 4, or 6 week cycles any easier on recovery than a traditional 8-10 weeker? I know recovery wont be as quick as a 2-weeker...
I did a 6 week cycle of test prop and dbol last year (100 mg prop EOD and 30 mg dbol ED) And recovery was good. Only did a month regiment of Clomid and labs showed me back to normal. I would think it would be the same for another 2-4 weeks use, but I wouldn't advise using most orals for that long.


I would say the shorter the cycle the easier the recovery but the only true way to know is labs. What keepable gains did you make on a 2 week cycle? I can't imagine much.
When cutting I'd still make a couple pounds while losing body fat. On bulking 2-weekers I could easily make 4-5lbs depending on the oral. Keep every bit of it (minimal bloating with an AI).

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