Concerns about starting my first cycle soon

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Arcânn, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. Arcânn

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    I have almost everything I need for my first cycle and as soon as I get it, I'm going to get bloodwork done.

    But I started having concerns about "keepability" of gains. I know that obviously I'll lose all the water weight after I finish a test cycle and keep the fat and muscle, at least for a while. But without going on TRT, it's sounding more and more like I'll keep very little by the time I make it to the next cycle, and that's if I do everything perfectly in terms of diet and training (or so it seems). And I'll inevitably slip up sometimes because I have no plans for competing, I just want to be a little bigger than my body would naturally allow (which according to the natural limit calculators, I might already be at/past that). So I'm gonna enjoy life on the few occasions I get. Which is why I have no plans for taking anything past Test and EQ...and maybe some other relatively mild compound. Probably no orals and DEFINITELY no 19-nors.

    ANYWAY...on top of my concerns about keeping gains, I know I'll inevitably gain fat on cycle. The problem is, if I had to guess, I'd say I'm 14-16% BF (6'2", 210-212 lbs). I know that's considered on the high end of acceptable for starting a cycle. That came from 4 years of being an ectomorph who decided dirty bulking all the time was a good idea (started off at 150 lbs and 7% BF). It's only in the last year that I've paid attention to diet, and maybe the last 2-3 months that I've been precise enough to actually have my diet dialed in with specific meal plans and calculated macros, etc.

    I know I could just adjust my diet and lose some fat before starting a cycle. But my concern with that is that I know I'll lose muscle if I cut naturally, and I'm not sure it's worth the muscle loss, in my case, to do that before a cycle.

    So now my real questions are 1: Am I just being paranoid about how much muscle I'll lose after a Test only cycle, even with proper pct, diet, and training? And 2: Is it okay to do my first cycle as a cutting cycle even if it's Test? I know test isn't considered a "cutting compound" and most probably don't use it for that purpose. But if it could help me keep what I already have while losing fat, it sounds like a good idea to me.
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    Your diet and training will determine how much you would lose.. I’ve been told for years .. If your diet and training sux than don’t bother touching anything
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  3. Test_Subject

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    Diet, training quality and if the cycle puts you over your natural genetic limit will all determine how much you'll lose.

    It doesn't sound like you've peaked out naturally, so if your D&T are up to snuff you'll probably keep most of your gains.
  4. Shyster

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    Test would help from losing muscle while "cutting" but exactly what taco and Test_sub said, it's all about diet and training bro. Keep the intensity in the gym and your diet dialed in and you will be good. Someone on here said "two steps forward, one step back, rinse and repeat". Remember it's a marathon not a sprint!
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  5. Test_Subject

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    The best advice that you can possibly give when it comes to AAS.

    Sprinters tend to die pretty early. You lift zero weight if you're dead.
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  6. milkisforbabies3

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    I've been a natural lifter for about 15 years. Did my first cycle, a mild one at 12 weeks of 400 mg Test E plus 6 weeks of Anavar at 50 mg/day.
    Gained 20 pounds from beginning to end of cycle, and now 5 months out I still have 10 of those pounds. I also look leaner now of course due to less water retention. After my cycle I've focused really hard at maintaining and holding on to the increase in strength in the gym. It's a struggle but you bear and grin it! After making solid strength gains in the gym while on cycle, I've only slightly lost some of it now while off (maybe 10-20%?).
    Work hard and smart and you can more than likely keep at least half of your cycle gains.
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  7. The Milk Man

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    Honestly I wouldn’t even start a cycle if I where you. You are nowhere near your natty limit at that weight/body fat. Drop some pounds naturally then bulk up on the juice. I also think you won’t lose your gains. I mean if you’re trying to be 6’1 210 7 percent body fat obviously you’ll have some trouble. Just my honest opinion
  8. The Milk Man

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    Also it’s a endourance race not a sprint. You’ll rise and fall constantly throughout your life of lifting. If you don’t wanna stay on for life don’t start.
  9. NorthMich

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    OP - how old are you?
  10. Arcânn

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  11. master.on

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    1 Don't do any steroids, ever.

    2 If you insist on doing steroids, and nothing will change your mind
    at least do a safe cycle
    pyramid up from 500 to 800 or even 1g Primo, EQ, masteron, Deca or a combo.
    This prevents estrogen related side effects.

    3 Try to get hematocrit bloodwork during the cycle, as to make sure your blood doesn't become too thick.

    4 Sterile filter all underground gear, just in case. Even if it's supposed to be top notch.
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  12. Arcânn

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    How do those kind of cycles make you feel when you don't have any actual test in you?? :eek::eek:
  13. master.on

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    I always use some hcg on cycle, (and continue pinning HCG for 2-4 weels after the last steroid shot)
    this brings natural Test to about midrange.
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  14. Jankauskas

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    You will lose everything that you gain above your genetic limit over time, it’s just how the body works, it’s called a limit for a reason, and you are going to take the steroids to get past that.

    Once you remove the stimulus, you will lose the benefit, simple as that.
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  15. NorthMich

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    I'm 56 but have descent endo Test and igf-1 levels. I'm about to start a cycle of Test E and have aromasin on hand. I've wondered about HCG to keep the rest of my hormones at a good level during and then after this cycle. I was looking at 500 Test E weekly. Anavar for the last 5 weeks.

    Then maybe 200 Test E in between cycles.