Confess your sins..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RobertL, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. FCKY11c

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    God bless after reading this shit y’all MFs need Jesus haha... but then again so do I, my roommate got a bogo from papa Johns and I ate an entire large pizza...

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  2. turcao

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    Every time you want a cig think about licking a dirty ashtray

    PIZZABOY Member

    Started when i was 13,so going on 32 years now, quit several times. Have gotten freaked out several times because of ulcers inside lip,i just switch to other side.
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  4. x11

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    In 4 quit 2018 crew, new resolution etc.

    I heard quitting really improves your cardio etc.
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  5. MindlessWork

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    I am sorry for being a dick to you all, and 2018 I will do my best to be more humble, yet get stronger!
  6. RealET

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    No problem bro. You weren’t a dick at all, but little Timmy got the actual dick. He’s the one that needs the apology
  7. Big_paul

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    Most of us have lol. It takes a real man. Roll her in flour and fuck the wet spot.
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  8. legendary

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    During a threesome with me and 2 girls I let one peg me with a strap on. Hurt like hell and hated it. Don't try it. Fucking hurts.
  9. Sk8man101

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  10. Sk8man101

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    I think you said this in another thread, except now your story has one less girl in it?

    Suspicious bro!
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  11. RobertL

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  12. rocco-x

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    I pay high priced midgets to give me handjobs cause their fat little hands make my junk look ginormous
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  13. Confession: i like to pee with the bathroom door wide open. Now that's true freedom!
  14. x11

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    Nah, remove the door completely.
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  15. Eman

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    When have you ever been a dick to anyone on here lol? When have you ever even responded to anyone giving you a hard time?
  16. Brolloks

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    I'm on 600mg of DNP at the mo, and against my better judgement had several german beers last night to welcome 2018. Felt like I was on molly - body on fire and mind blown. Someone actually mentioned that there was steam coming from my head :D
  17. Kakarot

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    So you basically ate the carb equivalent to 2 loaves of bread:eek:
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  18. Brolloks

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    You can see why I'm in the confession booth. However, on DNP carbs just turn into sweat.
  19. Kakarot

    Kakarot Member Supporter

    And massive amounts of
    This your first time running it? How do you like it?
  20. Brolloks

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    Yerp. It's okay. I wouldn't do it if I had to suit up for the office, and I'm parked under an aircon most of the time. It's definitely the ultimate thermogenic, but not as harsh as I expected. Granted, I slowly built up the dose, despite some mates telling me to kick it off at 800mg. I'd rather be a pussy than toast.
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