Consensus on meditrope hgh (black, yellow, muave, grey)

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  1. Sakuraba

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    Is the consensus now that most generic hgh is in fact hgh?
    I see the hplc and igf1/hgh serum tests but have also read so much about the cost and complexity in producing recombinant hgh that I can't help but wonder if these are peptides or hcg in disguise.
    What's the consensus - do most believe that generic hgh is in fact hgh?
  2. Malibumatt

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    The blacktops were always on point for me. I post blood work about them twice. I think they are a sure bet, but that doesn’t mean much in this game. Things can change quickly.

    I’m giving the orange tops a try right now. I hope they deliver the way the blacks did.
  3. In short

    In China you can pretty much produce whatever you want as long as it is not for domestic consumption.

    So unlike here in the west, you have serious pharma companies producing this shit.

    I read PPLs stuff about the steroid queen, was a fuxking ride from start to finish.
    She was providing pharma grade raws for our consumption.

    You also have to remember, a lot of us run blood and Serum tests.
    Some members even get the products tested at labs.

    It's pretty consistant and the results are good.

    I currently have sausage fingers :)
  4. zerodiddy

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    black tops by far are the best meditrope. greytops are not meditrope, they are oranges are by far the worst gh for reconstitution, they dont dissolve instantly like blacks do (within 1 minute completely gone). oranges are just yuck, too bad i have 20 kits of them
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  5. B Ware

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    If this is true thank you for the review.
  6. Malibumatt

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    Are they really that bad? It takes a whole 2 minutes for mine to dissolve in 1cc of bac water. Do they not test well on blood work?
  7. Yosyrj

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    Supertropin old grey tops are by far the best hgh, they equal Ansomone Pharma grade from AnkeBio factory in China, I got 2 kits of Ansomone from Supertropin source and they are just the same, except ST is overdosed to 12 IU, Ansomone is 10 IU
  8. movingiron88

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    You sound so certain?!?! Do you believe everything you hear?
  9. Yosyrj

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    Well, they sold me 2 authentic Ansomone kits that I verified in their website, they were selling Ansomone kits, boxes that suffered a little damage from transportation and couldn’t b sold to pharmacies, I don’t see why not
  10. movingiron88

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    That flew over your head. No, knowing that Supertropin is ansomone but overdosed.
  11. Yosyrj

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    Don’t you think the Chinese people have the ability to get hgh out of the factory or produce hgh to sell in USA market, the only country they are missing, and make it overdose? If you are in the hgh business for a long time, you should know the greytops, the old one were the most pure hgh for many years in the market and was always said that came from Ansomone, but again, you can think all you want
  12. Mayne

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    Alright I think you all may have to misunderstand rhGH and what is likely the filler in the vial. Orange are 20 IU likely they have more filler which is the hard to dissolve part in the equation because Mauve 12 IU dissolve much quicker than Black 15 IU nearly always in my experience. Anyway just an idea for your all consideration.
  13. Yosyrj

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    That’s not true, hgh is like 20% of the vial, the rest is all fillers, I have ST hgh 18 IU and disolver instantly, Serostim also, this is related only to fillers that are causing the hgh to dissolve very slow, also those orange tops aren’t from the same factory as the rest, so who knows what’s in it since Mauve, black tops and greys don’t have that issue