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    So I'm currently on my first bulk with test e 500mg/weeks 1-12 kicked off with dbol 50mg weeks 1-4. I'm in my last 4 weeks and made some good gains.
    Start 23 years old 5'8" 175lbs around 10-12% bf
    Currently about 187lbs 8% bf with very little bloat and still gaining slowly

    I plan on doing my pct but I'm looking at doing a contest most likely early summer

    I was thinking to do 16 weeks total, first 8 weeks with a diet set slightly over maintenance to make some lean gains before the last 8 weeks of pure cut/contest prep. Was looking at

    1-16 Test P. 100mg/EOD
    1-16 Boldenone Cyp (have a good source for it) 450 or 600/week
    1-8 NPP 150mg/EOD

    Here's the main question. I've been researching and trying to figure out what would be the best to go with or best combo for the last 8 weeks between masteron, Anavar, and or winstrol. So the last 8 weeks would essentially be.

    Test p 100/EOD
    Boldenone Cyp 450mg/week
    Masteron prop 150mg/ EOD
    Anavar 50mg/ED
    GW 50156 4 weeks on 2 weeks off throughout


    Test p 100/EOD
    Boldenone Cyp 450mg/week
    Masteron prop 150mg/EOD
    Winstrol 50mg/ED
    GW 50156 4 weeks on 2 weeks off throughout

    Or should I drop it down to 3 compounds, and if so which ones and what doses would be best. Again this is meant to be a contest Cycle and I plan on trying to win my weight class or place best I can with relatively moderate doses. I'm kind of concerned with what people say about winstrol on weakening joints and causing pain, although besides that it sounds like a great addition, thanks.
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    I feel that this would benefit you much more, assuming you're doing bodybuilding or classic

    Weeks 1-8 test c 500mg
    Weeks 9-10 test c 250mg
    Weeks 1-8 npp 300mg
    Weeks 8-16 test prop 100mg eod
    Weeks 8-16 tren a 75mg eod
    Weeks 8-16 mast p 100mg eod
    Weeks 12-14.5 Anavar 50mg Ed
    Final 10 days drop the anavar 15mg halo Ed

    If able to afford gh 2iu first thing in the morning before fasted cardio
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    This is similar to my blast that starts next week. It’s a 10 wk blast already cruising and on hgh.

    Test E 450 mg wk
    NPP 400 mg wk
    Mast blend 600 mg wk
    Anavar 60 mg wk- (5-10)
    Hgh 5iu ed
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    Right on. Just as a point to OP, bulking the one big gh dose is good, if you're cutting... Several small doses during the day would be more beneficial.
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    I’m only running 4iu right now.
    2.5iu when I wake up.
    1.5 iu pre workout
    This seems to work best for me.
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    I like that. I personally have found that for me, 2iu 3x a day spaced several hours apart, and away from carbs, gives me the best results with minimal sides

    And in my experience, taking it 90min before fasted cardio makes a noticeable difference
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    Thanks for the info, unfortunately can't afford gh right now, any thoughts on my question about what I should run?
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    Yes run this without the gh
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    Watched this earlier and throught it kinda applies to your question. Start at 15:30 for relevant info...
  10. I kept mine simple:
    Test e 500mg/week for 1-10.
    Test p 125mg eod for 11-16.
    40-60mg winstrol ed for 11-14
    Mast p 100mg eod 12-16.

    It was my first time taking winstrol and now it’s probably my favourite oral compound. I wish I had either started it later than I did to run it into the show or had bought more to get me there. Due to it being my first run with it I didn’t know how it would go together with the masteron. Aside from finding a bit extra stray hairs in my hand during the overlapping period of mast/winstrol, the combo had me looking better at 2 weeks out than at the actual show. If you have thick hair and don’t suffer from MPB then I’d say go with winstrol.