Contest prep! Tren, EQ, Mast, cycle. Any advice? Please read.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Justin Davis, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Justin Davis

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    Hello all, I'm starting my cycle for the summer starting the first of May. The schematics of my cycle will log as follows---

    Week 1-16 Test e at 250 mg a week separated into two shots. Also, I will be adding .5 ml of test prop with every scheduled masteron/tren pin as in my experience, there's plenty of synergy behind it.

    Week 1-16 EQ (Boldenone) 500 mg a week. Two shots. Same days as test e pin.

    Week 1-12 Tren acetate starting at 400 mg a week and may climb up to 600 towards the end. 1ml EOD to begin and as I stated possible bump to 1.5ml EOD

    Week 1-12 masteron prop at 400mg a week until week 6 then up too 500 mg a week until the end. Will be pinned same schedule as tren.

    I will be running caber (.25mg MWF) and nolvadex 20mg from start to finish. I have other ai's like letro and adex on hand too. gyno and prolactin never cause me problems but it's mainly due to not allowing it to begin.

    To add more effect, I will be implementing, OstaMuscle (Ostarine MK-2866), MK-677 Growth Hormone Secretagogue and Cardarine (GW501516,Endurobol)

    Current stats, 6'0. 192 lbs at 7-8% bf

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. This is my 7th cycle and definitely my biggest. I have a physique contest august 8th.

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  2. Robfromga

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    7th cycle at 21? ;)

    What's the caber for?
  3. high-octane

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    Prolactin. Good looking cycle. Maybe a little overkill but to each his own. I would just run the test/tren/mast.
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  4. Robfromga

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    Yeah, you've got blood work that shows high prolactin on tren?
  5. high-octane

    high-octane Member

    No. It doesn't do anything for prolactin. That's what I'm guessing the guy is running it for?
  6. Ripped

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    Bro you should really check out the sides from caber I wouldn't be taking it just cause that shit could ruin your heart valves.

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  7. Justin Davis

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    Always best to make sure a problem never happens. The way I see it, I don't wait for symptoms. Yes, for the one above who noted my age, all other cycles are as simple as test and winstrol or test and Anavar. First two cycles were just test e and test cyp to figure out which I like more. I do have blood work, I'm a conscious freak about side effects, not scared of them just simply don't let them occur so I take the necessary precautions to keep it that way. Your prolactin WILL rise in tren. I've never had my nipples get sensitive till I ran tren the first time. This is my first experience with masteron and EQ though. Any advice with how I should expect my body to respond would be nice. I chose masteron because it will act like an AI. I say act, not play the complete role. EQ allows more free flowing testosterone and quality slow gains with hardly any water
  8. Justin Davis

    Justin Davis Junior Member

    I was thinking about that as I found the EQ last for months in the system after.
  9. Maktub

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    Are you going to log this ?
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  10. Justin Davis

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    I am, that's the whole reason I made this account and thread. Also, can someone tell me how I delete a thread? I made a duplicate at first
  11. rugerjitsu

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    Why not run the mast wk 4-16?
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  12. Justin Davis

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    I've had many thoughts of this, I find the compound will have a better synergistic effect with tren ran parallel. I'm running two weeks worth of Winny inject to really harden up before the show. I don't know why I didn't add that in. Tottaly slipped.
  13. bickel29

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    My friend, is Justin Davis REALLY your real name? If so, you need to start a new account under a different handle for security reasons. You are admitting to doing an awful lot of things that you do not want traced back to you IRL.

    I know you will catch some grief for doing what you are doing at your age, but I do have to say that I respect the amount of effort you have obviously put into educating yourself about AAS.

    Good luck with the massive cycle.
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  14. Hotrods12

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    Good luck with your Contest
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  15. Thinkbig

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    I still take adex when I take mast.Ive been on test for 3 years straight so my situation is a little different. You look great man. Some guys complain of anxiety on EQ. But if tren doesn't do it I do not see a prob. EQ isn't my fav compound. I will say I've never been as lean as you are and you will see actually see what every little tweak in compound and diet does. Stay safe buddy. Good work
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  16. Erin

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    0) Are you trolling, or fucking stupid? You want to take 1750mg/w at age 21 for physique division?
    1) cabergoline 0.75mg/w will crash your prolactin to undetectable. If you must, start at 0.25mg/w, which will still take you out-of-range low, and monitor with blood tests.
    2) nolvadex is not an AI like letro and adex, it's a SERM. Take an AI to keep your estrogen in-range and you won't need Nolvadex all cycle.
    3) I wouldn't trust experimental drugs like MK and GW since the lawsuits took the legit sources off the market. You're unlikely to get the labelled drug, and if you're taking injectable AAS, there's no need to risk taking something from an UGL that's adulterated with other hepatotoxic orals.
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  17. Robfromga

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    Finally someone else sees the problems with this kid, on his SEVENTH cycle, banging all that gear. For swim suit modeling.
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  18. ScabbyJr

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  19. bickel29

    bickel29 Member Supporter

    I admire you guys for trying to set the kid straight, but it'll never happen. Never. Ever.

    We can be the old guys telling him how stupid and reckless he is, or we can try to guide him like @Erin has above.

    Do I agree with you guys that it is crazy that he is running a bigger cycle at 21 than I have my entire life at almost twice his age? Yup! But he's going to do it either way.

    And despite some misinformation that Erin has clarified, the kid HAS studied this stuff much more than 95% of the kids his age.

    We can preach, or we can teach, but as soon as we start doing the former, we lose the ability to do the latter, as he'll tune us out.
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  20. Robfromga

    Robfromga Member Supporter

    Point taken. Remember, "harm reduction". The reality is you are correct. And who knows if the op is even telling the truth about his 7 previous cycles. The math would hardly add up, almost a continuous cycle since 17 years old or they're really short cycles with no real pct and zero time off. But none of that matters. I only hope that some other newb reads posts like this and our responses, and possibly thinks twice before running a 3 compound cycle before he's finished growing pubic hair.
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