Copied buying BTC info, feedback wanted

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    I c&p'd the below from a ugl's website. Not sure what to think of localbitcoin website? Take a look and give me any feedback/first hand knowledge any of you guys may have...if it's gtg it would be a good BTC source.

    Here is the easiest way to do everything -

    Set up a wallet, fund the account, and pay any bitcoin invoice in less than 20 minutes.

    1. Go to Fastest and easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins and sign up for an account. You don't need ID. This takes 1 minute. You will get your own wallet there.

    • For now, you can think of your wallet as your bitcoin bank account, it holds your bitcoins.
    2. Scroll down to Quick Buy and choose the type of transaction you want to do.

    • If you choose MoneyGram or Western Union, you can pay online to a local seller as you will buy the bitcoins from them. Check the ratings and the rate, you'll pay a little bit of a premium for their service.

    • PayPal is offered but it is expensive. Check out all the payment options, there are many.

    • Depending on the payment method you'll have the account funded in less than hour without leaving your seat. This step takes you about 5 minutes of effort, maybe longer if you research several sellers.

    • Once you make payment to the Seller, he will then transfer that amount of bitcoins to you wallet. This could take about an hour.
    3. When the bitcoins (it's going to be a lot less than even 1 bitcoin) are in your wallet, then you make the transfer to the seller wallet.

    • The wallet address looks like this alpha-numeric number - 74bcGtyp76ds97PtgajTU26fkyyMN6yuxz (it’s not a real wallet, don’t make any payment there)
    This is the very easiest way and may cost a couple percentage points more than going directly through an exchange. An exchange can take weeks or longer to fund and set up.

    Important things to remember:

    • You have to copy and paste the wallet address, don't type it.

    • Do not forget to add in seller fees when you make the initial deposit.

    • Only do a transaction with a Trusted Seller!
    There ya go...word for word copied and pasted;
    As I said before, it's on a UGL's website and although I've never used them (the UGL) they have good reviews on another forum so I have to think the above website may be gtg.
    Thanks again in advance for your replies.
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    It isn't an "awful" way, but if you go that route, get an intermediary wallet to send from LBTC to yourself first, then to a source.
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    I appreciate your input, It looked shady to me...wasn't planning on going that route just found the info interesting and wondered what others thought.

    Thats one against! :)

    Anyone else?
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    If you can, try cashapp to buy BTC. You need to verify ID and when they approve they will allow you to buy coin. It is highly recommended when using cashapp for buying bitcoin, send to an outside wallet of yours first THEN pay your source from that outside wallet. Otherwise you will risk being banned and they will take your money.
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    To be clear I don't think it is a "avoid", I just think these days there are better ways for small purchases, like cash app(mentioned above)
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