Coronavirus and training in a public space

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Switcher, Feb 27, 2020.

  1. Switcher

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    Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

    I am not an alarmist but am increasingly thoughtful of what is happening. I know what the Admin is saying but aware HHS and CDC are not exactly in agreement. This thing is here in limited capacity. CDC says it will grow in occurrence. Finally, for unidentified or unknown reasons, no country has been able to get a lock on controlling the outbreaks as of yet.

    The link is the CDC info for how it is being spread.

    For me, I am still headed to the gym but will probably try and work out alone and a bit further away from others washing my hands immediately after finishing a workout and being mindful not to ever touch my head during the workout.
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  2. Mac11wildcat

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    They can’t get control IMO because the period between infection and presentation of symptoms is so long (14 days?).

    the media is doing a fantastic job of hyping this up IMO. For a normal, healthy person I don’t think severe illness or death is on the table in a first world country...

    this is just what I’ve pieced together. Am not a medical professional.
  3. MindlessWork

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    Best thing to do is wipe down whatever you touch before and after using. I for one been bringing my own Lysol wipes to the gym especially during flu season. Washing your hands every time after going to the can helps too.

    My doc has told me that gyms are the worst places to get colds and infections.
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  4. Gbro

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    Do the same thing you would do for the flu.
    Remember when SARS was going to kill us? Or west nile virus? It's all over hyped bs. Unless you are very young, very old, or immuno compromised, this is no worse than the flu.
  5. MindlessWork

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    A flu shot will certainly not protect against this but taking precautions thru hygiene and avoiding contact (where possible) should help reduce risk.
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  6. Yet another reason to train at home . Ive decided to skip public training for a while....;)
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  7. Perrin Aybara

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    Don't forget to disinfect your phones. I wipe mine down daily with disinfectant wipes. I think people overlook that they touch their phones when their hands are dirty and then might touch their phones later when they're eating. Touching gas pumps, doors, etc and then using your phone and then later have a sandwich while browsing Meso with all those germs passing from your phone to your fingers to your mouth.
  8. MindlessWork

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    Not just phones but even laptops and keyboards and mice, not to mention your smart TV's remote. I also wipe down my landline cordless phone too.

    In my home I wipe off doorknobs and the refrigerator door handle, as well as countertops.
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  9. Perrin Aybara

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    Me too. Plus steering wheel of vehicles, dash, etc. I'm kind of a germaphobe anyway. I keep hand sanitizer and lysol wipes in my vehicles as well.
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  10. KL8209

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    This is the very reason I absolutely hate being seated in booths at restaurants

    In the back of my mind I'm constantly wondering what my knee is touching under the table but don't want to look or feel to find out
  11. MindlessWork

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    Gum or boogers :eek:
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  12. KL8209

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    I've had sticky stuff on my pants from this very thing.

    Sticky. Stuff.

    What was it? No one knows and I don't want to find out. I went home and threw my pants into the washer immediately. I had just bought them the day before too. It came out but I don't even want to begin to imagine what it was lol

    The thought of also what's between the booth seats makes me uneasy.

    Also, taking the bus when I was a teen had me thinking the exact same way and I ended up walking very far distances just because fuck buses.

    I could likely go on and on. People are gross and public places are even worse. Being I'm a vendor and in and out of stores all day - have you ever considered how many people use the public washrooms, don't wash their hands then go and fondle groceries "to get a better look at them", then put them back? This is the very reason I grab things from a few units back instead of the first one on the shelf. That first one has likely been dropped a few times by said people and likely slid under the shelf a few times, being picked up, and put right back into the same spot.

    I've seen all of this more times than I care to remember. Also, people sneezing without covering their mouth directly onto items on the shelf that they're "looking at", or people coughing directly into their hands then fondling the produce.

    People need to fuck off with their grossness.
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  13. MindlessWork

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    Was on a bus recently and yes parents had their sick kids with them. That really ticked me off as been trying to stay healthy especially after I had a nasty cold a couple months ago.
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  14. KL8209

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    I see this non stop. I'm all about having kids but damn people are disgusting lol

    People being this gross then raising their kids to be the exact same way. I've had kids wander off from their parents, come up to me and touch me with chewed food on their hands and thanks, now I have that shit on my pants and I have the remainder of the day to go through. I've seen parents not bothering to watch their kids while they pick their nose and wipe it on clothes or food. I get it, kids will be kids, it's just I feel like these very same parents would likely do the same thing when they don't see anyone else around lmao

    Most people are fine and don't do this shit but some people just get on my nerves
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  15. Worf

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    Y’all need to chill, it’s the flu. Not the plague
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  16. Sven_Northman

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    Watched the news interview an infectious diseases specialist from Stanford lastnight. He didn't seem overly concerned with the severity of the virus anymore than the common flu. If you're an unhealthy fat fuck or immuno compromised then yeah, stay in your bio bubble.
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  17. Worf

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    Remember the H1N1 thing or the Las Vegas shooting or global warming or any other slew of trash the mainstream media tries to create a panic about? They are just clawing at the edge on their way down the toilet trying to stay relevant. Sad thing is it works
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  18. Demondosage

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    I never get sick. I haven't even had the common cold in over a year. I have a theory on this; it's because I'm not a germaphobe and I touch so much gym equipment that I'm probably immune to most shit. Bring it on corona virus, you can't bring me down!
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  19. KL8209

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    I've been sick (colds) twice in the past five years and I work dealing with the general public six days a week in and out of large grocery chains (vendor for a large food distributor). I'm with you and attribute it to that as well - just being around so much bs. That being said tho, I still find certain people gross and see them raise their children to be disgusting too.

    I have seen people literally piss and shit themselves with turds rolling out of the bottom of their pants and under shelves while continuing to walk just browsing aisles. They weren't even making a poop face. WTF even is that!?

    I've seen people take bites out of produce and put it back on the shelf and take a new one. WTF!?

    I've seen people open loafs of bread, and "feel" the bread slices to see how "soft and fresh" they are, only to put the bread tag back on it and put it back like that loaf hadn't been molested and raped. WTF!?

    I've seen people sneeze and cough up shit in their hands, "wipe" their hands onto their jackets (or onto shelves or clothing for sale) then touch food products and put them back onto the shelf because they don't want them. WTF!?

    I've seen sweaty guys in the summer that are like 300 pounds use deodorant only to re-cap it and put it back on the shelf as if unused. WTF!?

    I've also seen sweaty gross people "wipe" their faces and necks with towels off the shelf and also cold beverages from coolers to help "cool them down" then put them back.

    People are gross man lolol
  20. Switcher

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    Just remember, it is not just about you. Most posting here are probably fine to survive the bug. But...

    If you get infected and do not get away from others, you can infect them. Your elderly neighbor or relative or even an average Joe who has respiratory deficiencies who cannot handle it. For me, I would be very troubled if I didn't take every reasonable precaution and ended up infecting others that led to someone's death.

    Hopefully we do not believe its every man for himself.
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