***Coronavirus: Gyms closing across States***

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Noah86, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. Noah86

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    So most states effective today have begun to close their gyms. I’m my state for example they closed at 8pm today and will not reopen until further notice.
    Curfews in place at 8pm, restaurants closed to customers, delivery only, schools closed, bars, clubs and now Gyms closed.

    Other than the blessed people who have a home gym what is everyone doing to cope with continuing your workouts? Keep you gains? Midcycle people?

    Chair Dips
    Push ups
    Sit ups
    Jumping jacks
    Lifting gallons of milk?
    Picking up your GF and just squatting her?
    Opening your own secret underground lab?

    What will everyone be doing? Share your new training methods.

    Let’s hear it!!
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  2. Yeah, I just got fucked too.

    I have 300 lbs and a barbell at home.
    So time to get creative and use some bodyweight
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  3. Perrin Aybara

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    If I can't find someone with a home gym that'll let me come lift I'm going to get on craigslist or Facebook swap and buy something to get me by. Squat rack, bench, and some plates.
  4. I welded a squat rack together in about 45 minutes.
    Cost me around 80 bucks (Including the rods)

    If the shit is too expensive or sold out, grab some Home Depot style shelving
    Cut that shit down weld to your specs,
    Fucking done.

    I'll post up a pic of my GHETTO superstar squat rack later, when I go to crush some sets lol.

    Best part?
    Its adjustable as fuck, just move the shelving around.
    Although i havnt put more than 300 on it, dont know if she would take it hahaha.

    But up to 300 is good enough to let this whole thing blow over.
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  5. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    My welding skills are pretty amateurish plus don't have a welding machine unfortunately. I've seen a couple setups for sale locally in the $500 range and I can live with that. I just started some var last week and coming to testing time in two weeks on this Sheiko routine. Very inopportune time for gyms to close.
  6. MindlessWork

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    Are gyms closing in your state? If you know people who you have trained with maybe they can help as well?

    For now the gyms I go to are still open but hours are getting cut back and can change at any time.
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  7. juicy122

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    This is fkeeddddd I was blowing up in gains 2 more weeks on cycle and boom today gym closed.... I have nothing at home to get me by and I couldn't find a dumbell over 30lb in store tom imma hunt again. This is ridiculous man
  8. MindlessWork

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    Check Facebook market or even Craigslist. There's good finds on there.
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  9. Gbro

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    High rep dumbbell work, focused on pauses at contraction.
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  10. Cookieman

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    Everything shut down in my state as well. I still have a cheap smith machine I bought from Academy a few years ago, 300lbs of steel and dumbbells up to 60lbs. Its all in my shed outside. I live in the south so it will be hot af very soon. At least I can still lift some.
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  11. i'll do an extra rep or two tonight for my gym-less homies.
  12. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    They closed restaurants and bars today. Not gyms yet as far as I know, but I'm sure it's coming.
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  13. Cityofgrit

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    Well... I'm right in the good part of a tren A run and imagine how I took it when I pulled up to my gym and a sign said temporarily closed......
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  14. Lol DAMN

    Pinning Tren A and rolling up to a closed gym.

    I bet they heard your rage out from 3 miles away
  15. Cityofgrit

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    I had to stop and take a deep breath....the peel off on the freeway at 100 mph. I wish I could punch this virus in the face.
  16. MindlessWork

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    Ohh I bet he would have ripped the door off its hinges just to get inside there lmao. I can imagine how many other guys in his area felt lol.
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  17. Cityofgrit

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    Here's what I get to use...the gym at my condo. Dumbbells up to 70 lbs. and a real piece of shit pretend Fisher price universal
  18. Use some medicine balls and exercise balls, give that "Hoist" cable machine a go hahahaha


    Sorry brother, that was mean... couldnt help it.
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  19. Cityofgrit

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    I don't know who decided on this equipment..but I almost guarantee it was a middle aged female
  20. little

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