Coroner says bodybuilder's failure to wipe stopper led to death from massive infection within 48 hrs

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  1. Millard Baker

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    Coroner says bodybuilder's failure to wipe rubber stopper resulted in his death from a massive bacterial infection in his heart at least 24 to 48 hours after the steroid injection. Coroner dismisses history of reported chest pains:

    Source: Inquest: York gym instructor, 34, died after steroid injections led to infection (From York Press)
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  2. Bone Gristle

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    Wow. What a load of bull shit.

    Especially considering alcohol swabs hardly kill anything unless you rub the area for a minute then let it dry a full minute.

    And lets be honest, none of use do that. I wipe it down, let it dry for a bit and draw and shoot.

    With that guys logic we should all drop dead of a heart infection any time now.
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  3. T_verde77

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    Dam. Rip
  4. Eman

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    I don't see how the doc knew the infection occurred and killed him in 24-48 hours.
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  5. T_verde77

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    Does sound far fetched. Guy still passed away though
  6. Eman

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    Just googled to see if I could find any other stories similar to this - I don't recommend it.
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  7. rutman

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    Wow! The claim does sound a little out there, but I guess any things possible.

    Would the BA in the compound not kill or keep any bacteria from forming inside the vial?
  8. D-Ballin

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    I question the circumstances myself too. Seems. . . Sensationalistic?

    Probably a good cautionary tale for us all the same though. No excuse for unsanitary procedure. A little scare tactic may be in order for some users injection routine. Cleanliness is a big deal.
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  9. Big_paul

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    How hard is it to wipe the stopper with alcohol. Easier than wiping your ass when you grow lats. :)
  10. Wunderpus

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    There's so much truth in this post LOL
  11. Damn . Remind me to double-wipe my vials !
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  12. T_verde77

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    So true haha
  13. fodsod

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    Umm, 1 test swab of the rubber top would show the presence of bacteria and support his opinion but since that didn't happen I call bullshit.
  14. Dr JIM

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    THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS and A LOT of details are not mentioned or are missing.

    While it seems relatively obvious the BB died of "sepsis" from an overwhelming bacterial infection that invaded HIS HEART (AKA Bacterial Endocarditis) there are a number of predisposing factors that can result in this condition.

    FIRST and foremost IVDA!
    The other being an immune compromised state such as DM.

    The Coroner leaves the impression several uncapped AAS vials were rolling around in this fellas gym bag and when the need arose an experienced BB would pop the cap and then his arse without making ANY effort to clean what would have been a clearly contaminated lid!

    If this was indeed what this gent was doing yep one could reasonably argue Bacterial Endocarditis may result but it seems more likely than not, this is a diagnosis of convenience on behalf of the coroner.

    Did the coroner type the bacteria in the vials or caps and perform the same typing in the patients blood? If done correctly this is highly diagnostic of a cause and effect relationship.

    We shall never know but I do know one thing, the overwhelming number of soft tissue infections that occur in those that use parenteral AAS is the result of their HURRIED and often CARELESS TECHNIQUE, rather than contaminated UGL gear!
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  15. TheZMan

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    Exactly. I also was thinking IVDA possibly. Vegetative plaques that quickly from some vials of AAS??? I'm not too sure about the onset timing of full blown sepsis like that either.
  16. Nordic

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    There is no way that it would cause death. Like all things most people are against they have to blow it up to be this big deal and point blame at AAS use as most don't condone it. Most that would happen if there was bad bacteria on the bottles is maybe an abscess. Maybe the person would have to drain some pink slime out of their arm and get some antibiotics from the doctor but no way would death occur
  17. Bob Dole

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    Been on test (TRT levels) for over a year and this is something I have to admit I have forgotten to do sometimes. Thanks for the reminder.
  18. norfl33t

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    @Eman true that brother. dont go searching for things unless your prepared to wade through the waste high bullshit to get there.

    As far as aseptic technique goes,... i soak down a cotton 2x2 with 91% isopropyl and use that instead of a POS alcohol wipe. i always clean vial heads twice. once when i get them out and once before i put them up. also, always let that shit dry on its own before you poke.. and no blowing. that goes for skin surface as well as stopper surface.
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  19. Outlier

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    My thoughts exactly, except you are far more articulate than myself. When I read bacterial infection to the heart I immediately thought of IV drug use and not IM drug use such as AAS. The coroner arrived at this conclusion without considering many hidden variables.

    D-Ballin hit on a great point...sensationalism. The coroner likely seen a guy who was jacked and he immediately concluded steroid use, to some degree, was the culprit. Media gets a hold of this and once again AAS is demonized and the coroner gets 15 minutes of 'fame'
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  20. SJB78

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    Could be possible if the vial was sitting in a rubbish bin or up his ass.