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I recenty had my blood work done. Everything came back good except for my cortisol levels which were just over the top of the range and my estradiol which was below the bottom. I understand what estradiol does. But what effects can the cortisol levels have if they continue to be were they are at now.


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Just have it retested. It will probably be okay the second time.
If not, try 300mg of PS (phosphatidylserine) per day. Several of my patients have found success with it.


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From my understanding, high cortisol levels can disrupt your HPT axis. Not sompletely sure here but when I was seeing an endo he suggested that my secondary hypogonadism was related to excessive use (by my ortho docs) of cortizone shots (knees, sholder, etc... - Soccer). I beleive that cortizone is a synthetic form of your bodies own anti-inflamitory, cortisol. So I am not sure but in my thinking, a = b, b = c, a = c. But I could be wrong.

I am now checking out SWALE's post above on phosphatidylserine. Could be interesting.


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In men, significant elevations in cortisol seem to reduce endongenous testosterone by acting directly upon the testis to impair the biosynthesis of testosterone (Di Pasquale, 1992c).

Swale, on the Euorpean TRT front, how many professional cyclists have to get hrt from huge abuses of cortico's (kenacort) and acth stimulators (snyacthen). these must destroy T and bone density.

Chris boredman, he quit the tour due to low t and bone loss.. hmm. they wouldn't let him or lance armstrong run trt.


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I have no way of knowing, but what a lousy situation.

I just cannot understand how any benefit from hypercortisolemia could possibly justify the overall decrease in performance (not to mention health!) that hypogonadism brings.

Perhaps someone who has experience in this sport can ring in to help us.

BTW, that was a nice work by Dr. Di Pasquale. Truly a pioneer. I have had a couple of converstions with him, and have found him to be a very gracious man.


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