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    Not counting the basic materials needed such as scale, beakers, etc how much does a 10ml vial cost of which ever gear you made?

    Cost should include ba, bb, carrier, raw and possibly the vial. Bonus points if you use pre sterilized vials and include that in the cost. I am getting really interested in home brewing and just wanted to see how much everyone else was spending.

    Just my rough calculations, not counting vials...test cyp would be $10.52 and tren a would be 13.75 using the items i saw.
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    Test c is like .88 a gram so a vial that's 250mg/ml 2.5grams so that's $2.20.

    Ba and bb is $5 each for 50ml.
    That 10 ml vial will contain .1ml ba and 2ml of bb, thats like .21 cents if my math is correct.

    A 10 ml sterile vial is like $2.

    Gso $10 for 50ml. So the 10ml is $2.

    Not including shipping and all the other equipment . That's what $6.41 for that vial?
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    So i need to shop around, thanks
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  4. Antabolic is roughly on the money there. You might get a bit cheaper on sales/bulk buying, but imo most of the time it'll be around what he said or somewhat higher. IMO it's OK to spend a bit more for safety/anonymity reasons or even expediting shipping. Home brewing is such a low fraction of the cost you can make yourself a decades worth of shit for a single paycheck.
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    As an add on for this how do syringe filters work? I wanted to use pre sterilized vials after brewing. Based on pictures of the filters, i cant tell how the needle would attach to the bottom on the filter. The top appears to be luer lock but i cant tell for the bottom, i assume it would be the same. I was looking at whatman .2um. Is it luer lock or do i need a new syringe?