Could TRT be effecting my job (negatively)?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by idmd, Dec 11, 2013.

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    idmd Member

    I'm a pediatric dentist which means my job is to convince little kids it's a good idea to let me stick a needle in their mouth, put a rubber dam on their tooth and stick sharp/loud instruments in their mouth. Needless to say this requires A LOT of patience in addition to expert knowledge of both reading kids (I can size a kid's behavior up in 5 seconds as they walk through the waiting room before they even open their mouths) and knowing how to manipulate them.

    I have always been very good at this part of my job but I seem to be getting less....lets say tolerant. Now I assumed I'm going just going through what many in my position go through - getting older, showing early signs of burnout and just less whiling to deal with unnecessary bullshit.

    Now I'm wondering if TRT has anything to do with it? I'd guess my entire pediatric dental career I had low T - now on TRT I feel MUCH more "alpha male" and to be honest I'm just less interested in dealing with little kid crap. My patience is way down at both work and with my own kids. Many times I just want what I want the way I want it NOW!

    My impatience at work is leading to a constant feeling of dissatisfaction and to be honest most days I have ZERO interest in dealing with children - this is new. Up until a few months ago I really liked what I do. Unfortunately I've trained too long, spent too much money training and have too much at stake to do anything else.

    Maybe this is just a mid-life crisis but does anyone know of any literature looking at the effects of TRT/testosterone on a male's ability to relate to children?

    To be honest some days I just want to kick the little fuckers after I chastise mom for being a shitty parent....most of the time I just stare at mom's tits
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    I don't think having normal test levels has anything to do with your problem.

    I've been doing the same job basically for 15 years. I like what I do for the most part. Do you think I wake up at 5AM, bright eyed, jumping out of bed to get to work? Of course not.

    I think your just hitting a mid-career burnout phase. I've been through them.

    However....I don't have to deal with kids all day. Most kids would rather go to the Dr and get a shot before seeing the dentist....adults too :D
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    johnnyBALLZ Member

    Wow, I can't imagine the patience required to do that job!! Hats off to you idmd..

    This really doesn't sound like it has anything to do with your TRT, if anything it may be helping.. I know it's not exactly the same but when my test is low and I'm beginning pct I tend to be a bit more irritable.

    I'm sure you're just in a funk and it'll pass soon enough.
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    idmd Member

    I'm at Quest right now. Wondering what my labs are now?
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    beezil Member

    please share it would be interesting to see if something is suspect... possibly causing some of the feelings you have posted.

    if not I would conjecture to say its pains of your business.

    I seem to have the same ebbs and flows in mine.

    its amazing how inspectors and engineers can be worse than children....
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    BBC3 Member

    Their is no question (even scientifically:eek::rolleyes:[:eek:)]) that hormones affect our behavior... You know this as well. So what is the REAL QUESTION.???

    The answer is YES for ME.. I have acknowledged it. There are positives and negatives. I have potential liabilities present in my professional career which are at stake as well. I have learned over the years how to identify these emotions and thoughts as they "come on", and... ... not really "circumvent", but more like "adapt". It takes time and patience as well as astute conscious observation of your actions. A key for me is remembering WHO I AM, and WHAT is important to me in life.

    One of the problems with hormones is that they will make us more REACTIVE as opposed to "OBSERVATIONAL". The sensory perception is still there, it is only now shrouded with more EMOTION. YOU are a Pediatric Dentist BECAUSE you CARE about children (or you are in the wrong field - which is not uncommon for many of us to figure out down the road). But YOU are also a fine person obviously, and that will mitigate in the meanwhile while you DO YOUR BEST...:)

    You could always provide specific scenarios which we could offer perspectives and our positions as advice.:)

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    toolman Member

    AT first I thought it sounded like me at 40. I was getting tired of my career. However in my case it really was and fortunately I was able to sell my practice 5 years later with no regrets. However what I find telling is you feel you are getting that way with your own children and other things you mentioned. While I know everyone thinks roid rage is a myth, I know when I was younger and ran cycles, it absolutely affected my patience and level of tolerance for BS. And I felt that way even on what today people consider non cycles which would be just 2-300mgs of test a week. Also when I started this TRT odyssey at an anti aging clinic and they had me on 200mgs a week, I definitely started to feel that way again.

    Unscientifically I absolutely felt more aggressive and less patient on higher doses of test. I have always been a patient man and it did have that affect on me. That said, on TRT of 100-120mgs a week, depending on the draw and divided up into two injections per week, I have not had any of these feelings. What dose are you running?
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    loveyourbody Member

    I would have to agree with toolman. While you are on cycle you don't notice that your anger rises while your patience declines. I had been off cycle for the past 2 years and been back on cycle for the past 4 weeks I've noticed that I get angered more easily. But, that's no excuse to act like a jacked up douchbag. In the end you choose you own actions.
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    Tyler81 Member

    The short answer is Yes.

    When i had low T i was alot more empathetic than I am now.

    I dont know if i was more patient but i was definetly more empathetic.

    On testosterone i sometimes feel a bit more "cold". I would guess this is a symptom of higher T as higher T males are usually a bit more cold and stoic than lower T males who might be more empathetic and kind and considerate.

    I was definetly kinder and more empathetic when I was low T.

    No question about it.
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    teller123 Member

    I agree with whole heartily with Tyler. I was never a patient person to begin with, but since starting TRT is has got a lot worse.

    It's better now than in the past, but when I first started, I could bite the head off a nail with very little provocation.
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    LW64 Member

    When was the last time you had a vacation?
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    dyna5 Junior Member

    As much as i defend T, i must admit, i am much more patient when i am NOT using T. I do notice a difference when it comes to my own children. No doubt in my mind. In fact, i look forward to taking 3 to 4 months off T which i do every year and am able to sit down with my son and help him to puzzles and play with his Lego's. i have a very hard time doing this when i am on T.. And yes, my estrogen and everything else is good.
    Why are Alpha males horrible listeners? Why are guys with low T so " friendly and empathetic"?
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    leroyjenkins8 Junior Member

    You could possibly look into your estrogen levels. I find that test actually makes me much more personable. When I had low test and high estrogen I was at my bitchiest. That said, I've always had a problem with rude people -- people who cut in line, are mean to service people, etc. -- and when my T levels are high I tend to get vocal about it irrespective of estrogen levels.
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    bltchemistry Junior Member

    Three years ago I was incarcerated immediately after a heavy 20 week cycle and was not able to undergo pct. I spent two years (1&1/2 of them locked up) with almost zero testosterone. I was absolutely more empathetic, "in touch", and just not myself. For better or worse, since starting TRT, I am my old self... I have been told by multiple people that I seem to have "an edge". More confident, and aggressive, but in a controlled manner. I am in sales, so that edge suits my profession perfectly...:cool:
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    lxm Member

    Off testosterone I am friendly and empathetic to others, I feel that I take a 'back seat' with alot and let people walk over me, I never get angry.

    When I was on testosterone I would feel frustrated very easily, be cold to people and take no rubbish from people.
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    flenser Member Supporter

    I find I am more willing to let my anger show, but I don't think I am any less patient. Sometimes situations require a little anger, or they never get resolved. My ability to handle those kinds of situations has improved dramatically since going on TRT.
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    Bucky Member

    Like others were saying, the TRT made me more confident, increased libido, and helped me make gains in the gym. Unfortunately, I was also more confrontational and impatient. I came to find out my TRT regimen was not optimal. 600 mg once per month at first! I convinced the doc to make it eow at 400mg. Still not good. SO what did I do? Came on meso, started my own regimen, and dumped the doc :D I putzed around with TRT doses for a few weeks, then decided to cycle. Being on cycle just magnified all the above mentioned effects. The feeling you get when women can't stop checking you out cannot be compared to anything else. Even dudes want to talk to you. Before going on test, I didn't talk to many total strangers, but while on, people would start conversations. Human nature amazes me. My biggest problem with the gear was IT EFFECTED MY RELATIONSHIP WITH MY SON. That's where I draw the line.
    We would be practicing lacrosse or basketball at the park and if he kept making the same mistake, I would fly off the handle. I ceased to acknowledge the fact that I was dealing with a single digit age kid and turned something that should be nothing more than FUN into a grueling training session. I had to check myself, so I finished my cycle and at this point, I am attempting a restart with pct. In hindsight, I feel that I rushed into TRT. I will see what I can get back to naturally and take it from there. Don't get me wrong, it feels great to be on test. FUCKING GREAT. We all know it, but there is a trade off at some point. I am not in my early 20's and I have a family now, so maybe cycling gear is not for me anymore. I am waiting on HGH and will give that a shot. :D
    IDMD, I strongly recommend you look into why you are feeling the way you are. You have to ask yourself if it wasn't for the test, would you enjoy what you do? Don't let TRT fuck with your income or your family! Even if you can suppress your aggravation, the parents could probably sense that you have an attitude. This could translate into a bad situation: patients not only don't return, but give you bad word of mouth. I have a feeling that in your line of work, word of mouth is a big factor. However, you would know better than I. I hope you can sort this stuff out with a level head and come out of this feeling you made the best decision for you.
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    Hankzig Junior Member

    No doubt about it. I started TRT at 34...was on for 7 years...then quit for 2 years. And now I am back on for the past month....I wish I would have never quit for those 2 years.....


    Positives about TRT: feel great, I'm hornier than I have ever been, probably more so than in high school, I feel very positive...(when I quit TRT for 2 years, I became so depressed I contemplated suicide)...I am very smart I was in high school.

    Negative...I am much less empathetic towards my children and wife...I coach youth sports and I am much less tolerant to my players performance...think Bob Knight...
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    Tyler81 Member

    I'm finding this a real problem actually. The "be cold to people and take no rubbish from people". I am finding that's definetly how i am these days. It's like i take no shit from anyone including my boss and her boss and his boss even. It's like i dont give a fuck. I get frusterated about bullshit in the office and i often speak my mind and it causes friction. I have called people out and this isn't really me. Or at least it isnt the "low T" me who i am more familiar with for 29 years of my life.

    I am going to be stopping my treatment over the holidays just to see how i feel off.

    I definetly 'butt heads' with people more that im on TRT than i did before. Before TRT i was less assertive but i was also the "easy going guy who gets along with everyone" ..... now im like a bull in a china shop.
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    Tyler81 Member

    I hate to say it.... but im basically more of an asshole on TRT than off TRT.

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