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  1. little

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    Pull-ups (wide grip, close grip, over hand , underhand)

    Bicep pull-ups with underhand shoulder width

    low bar body rows (various heel placing, wide grip, close grip, over hand, underhand)

    low bar tricep extensions

    Pushups at various angles (close grip, wide grip)

    Body weight squats

    wife squats


    wife lunges

    wife bench press

    Wife curls

    couch all of the above^ (I prefer wife because shows strength to wife which may result in love making afterwards)

    hill sprints

    wife calve raises

    put in your plans or ideas to make it through these times with all your muscle

    gear changes, diet changes etc.

    I’ve reduced my gear to 200 testpp 200 npp ew

    food has changed to budget mode. Rice beans eggs bacon chicken thighs (when I can find it) no more eating out. I am going to use this time to work on my athleticism and general health. See what my new 40 is, that kinda stuff.
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  2. ickyrica

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    You missed cock pushups
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  3. little

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    I figured you’d pop in so I was gonna let you do your thing
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  4. ickyrica

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    Wash those hands :)
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  5. Sven_Northman

    Sven_Northman Member Supporter

    Before or after cock pushups? Asking for a friend.
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  6. little

    little Member

    During is recommend
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  7. chileandawg

    chileandawg Member

    Wash that mouth :) :D
  8. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    Keep your gloryhole fantasy away from me, fruit.
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  9. Gbro

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    One more thing @chileandawg is unable to do without a ladyboy.
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  10. little

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    Jewett here never fear
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  11. chileandawg

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    Nah, just seeking my part in the winners-club.
  12. ickyrica

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    Sure thing, bro.
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  13. chileandawg

    chileandawg Member

    Need to learn from the best asshole. Better familiar asshole than unknow asshole.

    So how much is your nandrolone dose mofo?
  14. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    Did that shopping cart handle taste bitter? You didn't sterilized it before you licked, did you? That's cheating
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  15. chileandawg

    chileandawg Member

    Lol, your fucking amazing bud.

    Anyway, seems the states have big-dirty problem.

    And no, no shoping any shit, just tring to do good science.

    But need the answers of assholes like you, that´s the point.
  16. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    suicide is good science
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  17. kosp

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    Dr. Asshole,

    I like more the asshole than the pussy, and I am not gay. Do I have to worry anyway?
  18. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    Please stop talking to yourself lol
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  19. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    Sorry for helping turn the thread into a shit show but it was a good post. All bullshit aside, quality post. My state just hit a two week shutdown So it's power blocks and BW for a minute.
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  20. kosp

    kosp Member

    I am mastering my pull-ups at home during the shutdown, I want to be able to do 10x10 of clean ones resting not too long between sets.

    Then some bodyweight dips to failure. This EOD.
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