COVID-1984 The Video that Youtube BANNED

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  1. Skard

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    Yes, this video has mostly bare women sprinkled throughout, but so do all of Popp's videos, yet they weren't banned. Too much truth for the sheeple...?

    COVID-1984 | Popp Culture
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    Never seen him before but he makes no bones about what he talks about.
    Kinda reminds me of Mark Dice.
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  3. Dr JIM

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    More politically charged bunk that benefits no one.
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  4. S317

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    They’re banning bullshit on YouTube which what this video falls under.
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  5. ergomaniac

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    YouTube Censors Doctor Knut Wittkowski For Opposing The Tyrannical Lockdowns

    YouTube is banning a lot of things that don't follow the "official narrative".

    People all over the world continue to bow to tyranny under the false illusion that they’ll be “safe” and the suffering will be immense if we do not stop it. Anyone who speaks out against their enslavement will be punished, terrorized, harassed, and censored by Big Tech all with the approval of the mainstream media and the government. While we are being enslaved, the politicians are daring to call ALL OF US the terrorists. You can’t make this up!
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  6. Skard

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    Good article.

    Youtube is banning bullshit...Bwhahahaha

    We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” -- CIA Director William Casey, 1981
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  8. Dr JIM

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    I saw this while watching the news today. This hairstylist had objective symptoms of COVID-19 yet may become a source of another cluster.

    People must learn to isolate themselves when unwell.

    Imagine the impact of such an occurrence in a Gym packed with unmasked heavily breathing folk, or worse yet a 80K stadium full of 60 plus year old alumni !

    It’s a shame but one person can spoil the fun for all.

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