Covid stimulus infusion investment

Discussion in 'Men's Economics' started by ickyrica, Apr 12, 2020.

  1. ickyrica

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    What's your game plan for the money you'll be getting? I unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) will not be getting any money but if I did I'm guessing this is along the lines of what I would do with it, specifically a Roth IRA contribution.

    Hope you guys do great things with it if you're not depending on it to stay afloat.

    3 Biotech Stocks Under $2 With Massive Upside Potential
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  2. Silentlemon1011

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    Thanks for the picks.
    I've been looking to get into the markets lately.

    I have a solid foundation in understanding economics, but the markets are QUITE the learning curve for me.

    Any books or learning material recommendations?
  3. ickyrica

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    honestly, I don't know much about it other than buy low and sell high. I'm just starting to entertain trading on my own. To date I've just been saving for retirement and while that's been going well (aside from the global pandemic and all that) I have some capital to play with and time to kill.

    I have tons of clients that have Bloomberg and programming like that running constantly. That's most of my knowledge base haha! I'm generally aggressive in what I do but I like safety. To me grabbing a handful of stocks across multiple companies, just like what I posted, is a safe bet. Low cost so you can buy quantity and lots of potential with each of them. All it takes is one to take off and you've made a good move.

    It's either that or I'm going to keep buying stupid shit and get yelled at by the wife for wasting money lol....
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  4. Silentlemon1011

    Silentlemon1011 Member Supporter

    I'm trying to diversify a little bit.

    This whole Covid19 thing, showed me that I was too heavily invested in only one or two sectors without the ability to hedge my investments and make recoveries in case my niche markets took a hit.

    Lesson learned lol.

    My basic goal is to invest in tech/biotech for solid ling terms portfolio growth.

    I'm pretty sure I'm just gambling at this point lol
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  5. ickyrica

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    to some degree we are dude. Absolutely.
  6. Logan44551

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    Most of are exclusively in mutual funds. Less risk, I do have a couple individual sticks that I bought low.
    As for the stimulus check I'd love to buy another gun, but the misses would probably lose her mind. So I'll most likely just stick it in savings until this thing blows over and I'm back at work.
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  7. Damn, you guys have some good ideas.
    i was just gonna buy a buncha crack.
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  8. MythotiK

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    We were going to donate ours and then thought about it a bit. Since we pay a ridiculous tax as it is, we are using ours to help fund a “get the fuck out of the US for awhile” trip. Kind of a recoup our own money thing, sorta.
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  9. sinewave3

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    It seems like I always lose on picking individual stocks.

    What I have learned though is investing in something with super low fees like VTI is good as it’s price will inflate with the overall stock market. Interesting read on this idea: How to make Money in the Stock Market
    Not ready to jump back in personally, I think it’s gonna drop more yet.

    That being said I bought a bar, bench, and rack (nothing special, just what I could find that was kinda cheap) just as everything was selling out so putting my cash towards that.
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  10. ickyrica

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  11. ickyrica

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    Why Goldman Sachs suddenly believes the coronavirus won't send the S&P 500 crashing another 25%

    I almost want to drop some coin now and if the market drops again, add more coin into the pot. When I was laid up with a couple leg surgeries years ago silk road was just taking off. Bitcoin was under 10$ a coin. I was on a revolving door of pain killers and in a CPM device 12 hours a day. Nobody took me seriously when I talked about Bitcoin being a money maker. I mean, I was also saying stuff like I wanted to eat the numbers on digital clocks and shit like that (I apparently get all sorts of strange when I'm on heavy opiates, hence why I won't take them unless in an extreme situation) so I don't blame people for not listening to me. 1000$ back then and I'd be living off interest payments and working as a silent partner in local tech.

    There is money to be made here. Probably nothing like that Bitcoin payday, but if done correctly there should be some mortgage relief on the horizon.
  12. ickyrica

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  13. EazyE

    EazyE Member

    There’s always a resale market for that!
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  14. Demondosage

    Demondosage Member

    Let me see far I purchased a Dewalt battery powered chainsaw (these things are seriously the shit for those that have never used them) and a new mailbox, oh yea and a pair of gym shorts!
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  15. TideGear

    TideGear Member

    I have the 60 volt worm drive style circular saw. It's awesome! Cordless tools have come a long way.
  16. LeoTC

    LeoTC Member

    Actually purchasing a second home across the state line. Need to drop in new flooring and paint, so that's where it's all going for me.
  17. Demondosage

    Demondosage Member

    Dude, they are fucking amazing! I borrowed a 20volt 12" Dewalt off my father in law to cut up some trees that came down from a storm. I laughed at first because it sounded like a turkey cutter and thought ,"wtf is this gonna do to cut stuff?"

    Like 90 minutes later I'm still on battery #1, thinking, "yep, I'm sold! But I need one slightly larger!"

    During this time period my father in law and neighbor are both using gas chainsaws and constantly fucking with them, readjusting chains, I got 3x more done with that battery saw than they did with gas. I love the things, I'm probably gonna be cutting up stuff that doesn't even need it , haha
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  18. BodyMechanic

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    No check for me. I guess I only get to fund it for everyone else. Not complaining though, happy to not need it.
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  19. Mom claimed you as a dependent, huh?
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  20. Logan44551

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    You should be good though, how much does a manager at hot topic make these days?
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