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    Those that do not know me, I have been running a log in the cycle threads for a little over year. I have been running more hypertrophy based programs in that time.

    Cowboys Log

    @Perrin Aybara and @Worf have convinced me to give PL a try and have been awesome help behind the scenes in answering my questions and getting started here.

    220lbs 2 weeks off a 12 week blast 600mg test 100mg Anadrol kickstart and finisher. Running test cyp 200mg 1x a week cruise.
    BF% not sure but would like it lower, based on comments on pics going to say 20%
    Was a 320lb fat fuck in 2015 battled down to 184 @14% spring 2018 then started first blast.

    Basically looks like I am starting Wendler Beyond 531 v1.2. I say looks like because the template puzzles me on the rep scheme a little based on my thoughts of 531. So Any help with a better template with formulas is appreciated. I was going to start next week but said fuck it and started yesterday.

    Lifting stats Calculated 1RM
    Deadlift 425
    Bench 250
    Squat 405

    Based on the current template which needs to be changed some l think. And changes slightly week by week

    Main Squat 4x3+
    Secondary Bench 7x5

    Tuesday LISS cardio

    Main Deadlift 4x3+
    Secondary OHP 7x5

    Thursday LISS cardio

    Main Bench 4x3+
    Secondary Squat 7x5

    Saturday Core, Traps, weak points.

    Sunday LISS cardio

    Rep schemes change week 2 and 3

    Still working numbers so still experimenting.
    Definitely open to any and all help, advice, criticism.
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    Yesterday's workout

    The template had box jumps at the start which my gym does not have so skipped then and went straight into workout


    Bench press keep in mind first time in a year I actually got under a barbell for bench. So was working up to find a good 5 rep number
    185x5 PR
    195x5 PR
    205x5 PR

    Pull ups 60 sec rest

    Vbar pushdown 1x100 not quite
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    I should also mention I am cutting at the moment. I want to drop weight to about 200 and get my BF down. So LISS cardio kind of needs to stay I believe. It will consist of 30-45 minutes of either stationary bike or hikes/walks, and a caloric defiicit.
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    2 main lifts in 1 session? Idk if I’d be able to do that, lol. Maybe my work capacity just sucks.

    Definitely in tho. Looking forward to seeing your progress dude.
  5. Btcowboy

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    The second lift is at 75% of my TM for 7x5. I hope I have some.great progress to share lol
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    what are your accessories mondays and weds? those few sets don't seem lie much then again PL and BB are different worlds. I'm so used to high volume and hypertrophy
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    Me too brother it's a different mind set. So my accessories tomorrow are 3x10 seated row and 5x10 curls. Friday will be 5x5 pullups and 1x100 rope pushdown. Still planning Saturday accessories day as well. Thinking Incline Db press, Smith press, Side laterals, shrugs, wall jumps, ab work and hypers.
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    And there are more sets than type out fair bit of warm up as up jumping up roughly 10% of training max each time. Depending on exercise could be from bar up to the training max or start a little heavier.
  9. Sparkyp

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    Yeah that few of sets seems weird to me.

    Are you going to failure? Focusing on just moving the weight or actually trying to get a pump?
  10. Btcowboy

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    No failure unless I am doing my 1 rep max. As I am new to PL the point is more to get the form, the movement perfect each and every rep and to push or pull the most amount of weight. So the weight you pull or push is a percentage of your 1 rep max. If it’s a 5 rep day the weight is a in 50-80% range, if it is a 3 rep day it’s 80-95% range, and if it’s 1 rep day you are lifting all out max which could be 100 or even 110% or you 1 rep max. This will build strength and not so much size so the pump may or may not be there. I get my pumps now on the accessory movements.

    I am just learning it so not sure how accurate I am above but it is my general understanding. I am sure others will explain better.
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  11. Btcowboy

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    Also the secondary movement each day is 7 sets after warm up of 5 reps at 75% of 1RM
  12. Perrin Aybara

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    If you're not used to doing multiple lifts per session it'll make meets hard.
  13. Sparkyp

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    Curios to see how your physique will change after 3 months. Will you bulk, lose gains, lean out. Time will tell.

    Some power lifters look great like efferding, wheels, ohearn
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    Mike O'hern? He's not a powerlifter. Probably stronger than me but he's a bodybuilder. Some very notable lean powerlifters are Ben Pollack, Dan Green, Jesse Norris, John Haack, etc
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    This week will be a test week on numbers running the program. Already found out my bench is stronger than I thought.

    I re did the template as I was not sure the rep ranges were right for 531.

    So I have it set main lifts are 4 sets of specific rep ranges and weight for the week. Amrap set is at my training max (90%of 1RM)
    Week 1 main lift 3x3 plus 1xAmrap
    Week 2 main lift 3x5 plus 1xAmrap
    Week 3 main lift 3x531 plus 1xAmrap
    All weeks secondary lift is 7x5 at 75%
    2 accessory movements per day higher reps either a curl, tri push, vert row, hor row.
    Saturday accessory day will be 1 chest, 1 shoulder, 1 leg, 1 back, core jump. Something like this.

    Every 3 weeks will add 2.5kg upper body and 5kg lower body. As I am new to this I may increase sooner, or a little more if I find too light.
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  16. Worf

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    Your 1rm on bench maybe a bit higher but not a significant amount more.
    I think your estimated max for squats is VERY low. In your log I remember seeing a 365x8 give or take? I dont think I can get 365x8, I mean its possible but I never really go over 6 on main movements. Ive done it for 6 and my max is 450.
    Something about powerlifting different from bodybuilding is CNS failure vs muscle failure. Single, doubles, triples is a different animal than cranking out 20 sets of 8-12 and only stopping from lactic acid build up and blood pump. Thats the last thing a powerlifter wants except some accessories. Powerlifting is all about straining. Listening to Dave Tate (he's a bit long winded but apparently so am I) pod casts really made me a believer in doing this and its helped me. The magic happens above 90% which is singles, doubles and triples I think as you make the switch you'll realize you're stronger than what you believe. Training the CNS/PNS and perfecting form is what makes powerlifters strong. Most powerlifters dont have massive legs yet can squat tremendous amounts of weight.
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    Thanks @Worf, I forgot that day lol and your right. According to the calculator puts my squat 1rm calculated at 453.

    I think this is going to be a good change. I think also I am already finding out I am stronger than I thought as I found out on bench yesterday. I was worries I wouldnt hit 185 and got 205 3x5.

    I found running BB programs in always had the yearning to add more weight but at 4 sets of 8-12 it was hard to do. I thinks that's why every move in a while if you look at my old log you would see me test the weight a bit and fall short on the prescribed reps.. I think when I finally made the decision to switch was when you and @Perrin Aybara challenged me to test my DL a couple weeks back. It was pretty much then that I said fuck ya let's do it.

    A year ago I was asked by someone what I wanted and my answer was get bigger and stronger and would be nice to be in the 1200 club. I think unam about 100lbs away from that now so makes my first PL goal reachable.

    I am still full of questions and uncertainty. Not in did I make the right decision to switch, more is my programming right? Did I misread something and set up wrong? Am I missing something.... I think as I move through the transition it may become more clear and I will have more clarity on it.

    Deadlifts and OHP tomorrow on a x3 day.
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    Me too see how it turns out chasing the numbers. Pretty excited about it. Cutting at same time so we will see how it goes. I will just push through the cut and if I see I am stalling I will just start eating more. Would be nice to get down to 200 12-15% if I can.
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    5/3/1 has you doing percentages of your training max, which should be 90% of 1RM. So 90% of 90% is 81%. An AMRAP at a true 90% week after week would be devastating. Wouldn't be much of an AMRAP as 90% is generally a 3-4RM.
  20. Perrin Aybara

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