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Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by wickedwayz, Jul 4, 2018.

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    Ok so last week I posted I would be brewing some test Cyp and all went well. I produced pic's of finished product in my test Cyp thread. Now close to a week later I went to take my shot and the vial I been using is crashed. All the other vials are fine but this ONE vial. I'll show pics of vial. I have NEVER had gear crash on me ever. I'll just warm the vial. BUT sure is alot of crystals in the vial. This amount normal in y'all's opinion? IMG_20180704_104314.jpg
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    Here's more pics IMG_20180704_104333.jpg IMG_20180704_104322.jpg IMG_20180704_104322.jpg
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    I placed the vial on my candle warmer and it went back to straight oil within a minute. No PIP what so ever. HOWEVER when I filtered I pulled up as much very well mixed oil as I could into a 60ml syringe for filtering. I then filtered the oil into INDIVIDUAL 10ML VIALS instead of one big sterile vial. Could that have caused this one vial to crash ? Possibly inconsistent mixture ratio? I can't remember EXACTLY but this vial MAY be the vial I purged the filter into.
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    I do keep the temperature in my room pretty cool also. It's chilly in there.
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    Test cyp is notorious for crashing easily in cold weather. Especially if the mg/ml are on the higher side.

    I’m speaking strictly as a consumer from multiple srcs
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    Yeah it's 250mg plus 15% OD. The lower the vile got the more likely it crash. Just took the last shot out that vile and it was completely crystalized. It warms back up super fast tho and oddly there's no PIP.
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    I can't see the picture but I've had some crash so bad it looked like a solid block. Lol just heat and use. How much BB did you use?
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