Crazy back pumps

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  1. My friend is two weeks in on a tren 400/ test 300 orals... He gets crazy painful back pumps even after walking 10 or 20 ft...lower back pain... Can you guys think of anything besides not taking in enough fluids? Thanks as always. Additionally he stated he got the exact same thing from a cycle last summer so he cut out the cialis this cycle but to no avail...
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  2. Gbro

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    I've heard arginine helps.
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  3. RomanMVP

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    Tell him to try taurine, it works.
  4. Oldschool

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    Eating a couple bananas per day might help?
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  5. ickyrica

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    Low bar squats gave me a back pump today. I did more squats : )
  6. Thanks fellas I , I mean he's going to order taurine and increase pottassium for sure...
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    Taurine 5000 mg or 5 g. Week one do 2g or 2000 mg cause u can get diarrhea. After first week 5 g taurine. Will stop any cramps or pumps is the best. Get pure taurine though. Trust me this is what I used with dbol back pumps and started turbine it went away.
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  8. Thank God and thank you Sir.
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    More squats is your advice for everything though..
  10. ickyrica

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    Hasn't failed me yet
  11. CAswole

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    Taurine all day
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  12. Gnc have stuff like this? I've gotten powdered arginine there..also taurine is in Red Bull it's not gonna make my heart explode right?
  13. Ironlyfe80

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    You can get a kilo for cheap from "bulk supplements" on Amazon. Good quality too.
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  14. Thanks brother
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  15. Gbro

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    Taurine is what I meant to say. I had an old age brain fart and said arginine.
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  16. Arginine is the @RogerRabbit remedy for acid reflux... Didn't do much for his face though if you look at that Avatar... No worries brother I kind of knew what you meant
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  17. Bro I'm two states away n could only get 500 mg tabs to hold me is that a weekly or daily dose ? I also got potassium and magnesium....thanks
  18. If anyone's following this maybe has same problem...test reduces collagen synthesis buy 50 to 80%... I have at least one bad disc that I know of probably two....wondering if that's the culprit...deca n primo are supposedly excellent for increasing collagen synthesis so maybe a little maintenance deca would work...taurine pottassium and magnesium have done nothing but it's only been two days.