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  1. Kinezz

    Kinezz Junior Member

    Has anyone tested this guys
  2. BigNattyDaddy

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    I would stay away from them just because of the name alone.
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  3. Elistheman

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    I placed an order with them last week... something small only 10G just want to see if legit. It was after seeing the mentioned thread, i still went for it... If the money is lost so be it.
  4. i do believe they attempted to source here at one point.
    They didn't last very long before moving on.
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  5. Daniel B

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    Let us know how it went brother
  6. Elistheman

    Elistheman Junior Member

    Well it came in about three weeks. i have brewed it 2 weeks ago and started pinning. PIP is manageable. I have made a 182 mg/ml bold cyp and 77 mg/ml test prop blend. I do 0.5 ml ED. So far i can only feel the test which is expected. The test is from another source.
  7. Daniel B

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    Cool bro. Never ran bold cyp. I have only ran tren a. Npp and test a few times. What little I have heard about it its pretty damn good. Have you ran it before? How long to kick in and feel it. Hopefully it kicks in soon.
    Thanks for the update brother
  8. Elistheman

    Elistheman Junior Member

    Never ran any bold at all not even EQ. The cycle now at two weeks feels the same like a test cycle. If i don't see anything improved i might call it bunk and add masteron. Keep it mind i do about 91 mg per day that means 637 per week so it should be noticeable.
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