Credibility of Steroid Source Reviews

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    One of the drawbacks of having an uncensored review forum is that such a forum will inevitably invite people who have a vested interest in promoting one source and/or attacking another source.

    How can members determine the credibility of a steroid source review?

    It is not easy. But here are some things you should look for:

    (1) Direct evidence: Did the review poster have direct experience with the source as a customer? Is their review the result of a transaction made with the source?

    Direct evidence is clearly the gold standard for steroid source reviews.

    However, this leads to another problem - fake customers

    (2) Fake customers: Many source reviews are written by "fake" customers who are in reality company reps. A fake customer can give an extremely positive review to promote the source they work for. Or the fake customer can provide a negative review of competitor(s) to the sources they work for.

    How can you tell the difference between a real customer and a fake customer?

    While the following may not always indicate the existence of a fake customer, the probability of this occurring is much higher when:

    #1 Sign of Fake Customer: The customer has only one post. The probability of a fake customer slowly decreases as the post count rises.

    #2 Sign of Fake Customer: The customer may have a respectable number of posts but they all tend to promote (or attack) a single source.

    #3 Sign of Fake Customer: The customer may have a respectable number of posts but a review of their posting history reveals no substantive contributions. They are "post whoring" to create the appearance legitimate member making a real source review.

    (3) Google: This is hit or miss. It can give a general idea of consumer sentiment. But Google can be tricked.

    Some sources spend an inordinate amount of time manipulating Google search engine results pages.

    They are masters of using websites like,,, etc. to smear competitors.

    How many real customers post their steroid source reviews on these sites? It seems most post them directly on steroid boards where they are most likely to be read by other potential steroid buyers rather than google.

    If you use Google to determine the legitimacy of a source, I think it is best to look for search engine results that have reviews appearing on respectable bodybuilding and AAS websites.

    (4) Administrators / Moderators of Popular AAS boards: IMO, they often provide the least useful consumer reviews of steroid sources.

    How often do you think admins/mods are scammed? Practically, never.

    After all, what source is going to scam an admin or mod?

    This means that their "direct" experiences will almost always be positive

    This is the primary method by which selective scammers operate: they keep admins/mods/vets happy and screw a lot of the rest.

    These admins/mods may have innocently been "used" by scammers. Long-time admins/mods are familiar with this type of scam. New admins/mods may not be.

    Then, there are always those mods who have been corrupted by the lure of free gear...

    This is not always the case. There are some good guys out there:

    (5) Respected Veterans: There are some guys out there (including some mods and admins) that have established a strong reputation over the years for providing credible information and guidance to members in this community. They are worth listening to even if they don't have direct experience as a consumer.

    Feel free to add some more ways of identifying credible source reviews....
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    Real great post!
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    Small test orders.

    There is a lot of bullshit out there that is fake reviews. Both negative and positive. Anabolic sources are notorious for using shills and bashing the competition. Sad to say the only person you can trust is YOURSELF!!! Problem is with so much shit going around you also have to play guinea pig if you get your stuff.

    Personally I try to get powders from trusted sources and make my own. I trust UGL stuff as much as I trust the guy screaming that the world will end on the corner.

    I also have to disagree with this one with you:

    "respected" veterans are easily bought off and sold for pennies (or pills). Some of the worst and biggest scams have been pulled off because 'respected" vets have helped the scam.

    In this game: TRUST NO ONE.
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    as a past mod on many boards, new sources, have offered free gear many times and I have always the old BB4l board, we did what was asked about here...getting a small order of gear, under a fake name, not under our mod/admin name and had it tested then showed the results..william wallace was good for that...but as said the ol vets and mods around will be a good source of info, however much of what is said on some boards are not to be said anywhere else and I have seen sources give mods/admin good gear then turn scammer later...
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    good post.

    another good point is beware 'pulling on heart strings'. i exposed one guy on another forum who seemed so dumb and pitiful it was just to bad to be true. he claimed to be an army vet and no offence intended, guys from the US immediately seem to love and trust someone who has served, and everyone pitied him and were on his side from then on.
    he started asking for advice and then all of a sudden he was gaining 20lbs in a month with 3ius pd of hgh, which we all know is BS!! he then started targeting new comers by telling how great he was doing on this pharma hgh and he could get them some cheaper, he was on a scam all along and admin only caught him after members complained they'd be done. it only takes them as little as afew days to pull in alot of scammed cash.