Crippling PIP After First Cycle Attempt

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    Hey guys, remember me? I made waves on this forum a couple months back when I declared I would be attempting my first cycle with minimal experience in the gym. I was widely ridiculed by the Meso community... some insisted I was a troll. Well I was very much serious and I wasn't just looking for attention as some contended. Since that time I have ordered and received all the compounds necessary for a solid first cycle. These compounds include:

    • PHARMATEST E 300 [Testosterone Enanthate]
    • PHARMAMIX 1 450 [testosterone Penylpropionate 50 mg/ml; Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg/ml; Boldenone Undecylenate 200 mg/ml]
    • DIANABOLOS 10 [Methandienone]
    • PHARMATEST P 100 [Testosterone Propionate]

    I know this is a little bit much for a first cycle, but I wanted to make it real solid to ensure that I get maximal results. Here is a routine that I drafted for my cycle:

    -Test E300 600mg/wk (2×1mL pins/wk on Mondays & Fridays) Weeks 1-10
    -Test Mix1 450mg/wk (1mL pin on Wednesdays) Weeks 1-10
    -Dbol 50mg/day (taken orally e.d. 20mg in the morning b4 workout; 30mg b4 evening workout) Weeks 1-5
    (on rest days: 20mg in the morning, 20mg midday, 10mg in the night)
    -arimidex 0.5mg e3d. (or as needed)

    -hcg 900iu/wk (pin 300iu e3d) Weeks 5-12
    -Test P100 700mg/wk (pin 1mL e.d. to taper-off cycle; start 3 days after last Test E300 pin) Weeks 11-12

    Protocol: Novaldex and clomid [begin 3 days after last Test P100 pin] Weeks 13-18
    -Clomid 250mg/nolvadex 60mg (day 1) Week 13
    -Clomid 100mg/Nolvadex 40mg (day 2 to day 20; 50mg Clomid morning and night; 20mg Nolvadex morning and night) Weeks 13-16
    -Clomid 50mg/Nolvadex 20mg (day 20 to day 35) Weeks 16-18

    After much thought and procrastination as to whether I should really go ahead with it, I pulled the trigger this past Friday and did my first pins. At the last minute, I decided to slightly modify my cycle routine and front-load. Following strict sterility protocols, I pinned 1ml of Test E300 in my left glute; then 1ml Test E300 in my right glute; then 1ml PharmaMix1 450 in my right quad. Total 1050mg of Test E and Test Mix for the front-load.

    By the next day the PIP was crippling, I could barely move. It's now Sunday and I'm still pretty much bedridden. I have slight swelling at the injection sites and they're very sensitive to any kind of pressure or movement. I can't even entertain the idea of touching the gym in this condition.

    Is this common? How do you guys deal with PIP? There is no way I can proceed with my cycle if this is gonna happen every time I inject. I don't even have the appetite to eat with this kind of discomfort. The soreness in my muscle is all that occupies my mind.

    I am thinking of scrapping my original plans and try a Dianobol only cycle for a few weeks (I am aware of its toxicity) and see if I can get any gains out of that. I am also taking HGH on the side. So far my body has tolerated the HGH injections quite well... no PIP where that is concerned.

    I appreciate any feedback you guys might have...
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    First thing that pops out is your doing over a gram a week of test...
    Why you taking hgh?? Is that also your first or is this therapy dose..
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    This is my first time with HGH. Decided to do it for overall growth and I also hear that gains with HGH are more permanent and lasting. But I don't know if I can keep up with it. It's super expensive.
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    If it's your 1st cycle and you're pinning Virgin muscle I've heard of it causing pip. Jesus christ if I read your post correctly you have minimal gym time and this is your 1st cycle. Stop pinning all that shit and just run test. Or good luck with that much gear on a 1st cycle.
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    Lmao. Oh I remember you mafaon... you always were good for a laugh. Not much has changed.

    I'm not going to bother giving you advice because you never did listen to anything you were told before and now is no different. If you decide to go through with the dbol only cycle I'll look forward to seeing you back here under the thread heading "Is it normal for my dick to be limp?"
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    I'd run just the test, but after experiencing this kind of PIP, my mind is turned off all injectibles. I'm now thinking of an oral only cycle as my next move.
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    Man the fuck up. Best advise for pip.

    Or cut it 50/50 with gso. 2nd best advise.
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    Don't. I don't know first hand because I've never considered an oral only anything. What I've researched and read from people smarter then me you need to have a test base.
    Stick with just your test e for your first cycle and make sure you're pinning it correctly. Hit you tube if you need a visual. And obviously have an a.i on hand. You seem to be biting off way more then you can chew. Keep it simple.

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    Like Eman said he will be back in a couple months begging for answers to why the dbol made his dick useless.

    Seriously op you should just stop everything. You aren't ready.
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    Dude your in over your head.. you ain't gonna be a looking like a pro bodybuilder in a year.. you've been watching Boston Lloyd or something.. ??
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    You should've known you were gonna get slammed here ..
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    Click his name and enjoy his post history, seriously. He's been the subject of more than one entertaining thread
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  13. Mix autism with steroids and you get the OP. The most gifted creative writer couldn't script this stuff, it's so out there. Great entertainment though.
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  15. Post pics, many pics. I bet you look amazing.
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    Dude either run test or give up
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    Like everyone said it's ur first cycle u don't know how ur gonna react to anything and u do four shots the first day into virgin muscles. Just slow down stick with the test e 500mg a week maybe throw in the dbol at the end if u can't control urself but not reccomended but don't run oral only cycle
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    I've only pinned my quad once... never again lol I could hardly bend my fucking leg. Glutes for life lol
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    I see not much has changed.

    Maybe it's not Meso, it's you.
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    OMG CBS! I think you might be on to something. Though not officially diagnosed, I'd admit that I might be slightly autistic. I'm somewhat of a loner and I tend to have some anti-social tendencies (which is ironic considering I work in a customer facing position). I do love to write though - it's my favorite way of expressing myself. I've been told I'm very good at it.

    However, none of what I write on here is made up. This is the real me, and this is how I express myself. I like online communities like Meso because I find that I can explain myself more clearly in writing than in person.