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    I have put a lot of research into my first cycle. I am hoping to start February and I have created an outline for a 16 week cycle, with a 5 week pct starting 10 days after last pin. I will explain my PCT in detail.
    A few things about myself:
    -Age- 25 years old
    -Height- 6 foot 4 inches
    -Weight- 205 pounds
    -Waist- 36.5 inches
    -Wrist- 7 inches
    -Forearm- 12.5 inches
    -Bicep- 15 inches
    -Shoulders- 16 inches
    -Chest- 46 inches (around Pecs) 38 inches (under pecs) 44 inches (top)
    -Stomach- 36.5 inches (lower abs) 35.5 inches (upper abs)
    -Buttocks- 42 inches
    -Thighs- 23 inches (Mid) 15.5 inches (Low) 25 inches (high)
    -Calves- 15.5 inches
    -Neck- 15 inches

    I cycle indoor 3 times a week and usually go approx. 18 miles and burn around 1400 calories each ride.
    My diet consists of lots of veggies, lots of chicken, omega 3/6/9 supplement daily, Vitamin D, oatmeal in the morning with nuts and fruit, almonds/pecans/peanuts, sweet potatoes, avocados with organic ketchup (try this if you have not yet), 2-3 cups of coffee throughout the day protein shakes after workouts with glutamine/bcaas/super greens/creatine. I usually stick to these foods prepping for a week or two and eating cold since I do not use a microwave. I mostly eat around my recommended caloric intake, but while on cycle I will increase to 3k possibly 4k depending on how I feel.
    I have researched that while on a cycle, a great way to manage cholesterol (aside from eating right), is cardio so I will probably increase my riding to 5 times a week.

    Having said that, here is my first cycle I have come up with (open to advice and adjustments of course)

    -Week 1-16- Test. E. @ 600 mg/wk----------Mon/Thurs@300mg/300mg
    -Week 1-6- Dbol @ 50 mg/day----------------Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun@25mg am/25mg pm
    -Week 7-16 Deca @ 500 mg/wk---------------Mon/Thurs@250mg/250mg

    -10 days after last pins- hcg @ 500 IU/day---------------10 days
    -Day after last hCG pin- clomid @ 50 mg/day------------4 weeks
    -Day after last hCG pin- nolva @ 40 mg/20 mg/day-----2 week @ 40mg/day & 2 week @ 20mg/day

    Why do I have a week in between Dbol and Deca?

    -Since this will be my first cycle I want to isolate potential sides and learn to counter them if they arise.
    -They are both taxing on cholesterol so it wouldn't hurt to split them apart.
    -Dbol is hepatic toxic (while Deca is NOT hepatic toxic), but still one less compounded chemical would not hurt. After I finish the 6 week cycle of Dbol I plan on a liver detox with milk thistle/turmeric/dandelion root in possible conjunction with liv-52.
    -I will hopefully see great gains on Dbol and size increase, I hope to continue that with the Deca.
    -As an added bonus, Deca will greatly preserve the lean muscle mass that could be possibly be lost after ceasing Dbol. While this steroid will not provide hardening or conditioning effects, it can serve a purpose as a cutting phase after bulking on Dbol.
    -Deca has healing properties: I have heard it said, "asprin and tylenol mask pain, Deca can heal".
    -Deca provides joint relief, greatly enhances overall recovery, and enhances muscular endurance ( I am excited to see if Deca will help my cycling endurance)

    What will I do if gyno or excess estrogen symptoms arise?

    -I will have aromasin on hand but will be a last resort since this will actually lower estrogen levels and I know estrogen aids in muscle development. If I resort to aromasin, I will negate some gains.
    -If these symptoms arise I will start with Nolva @ 40 mg/day for a few days then drop to 20 mg/day until a few days after symptoms disappear, then I will stop Nolva. I will restart if symptoms relapse.(I will have the clomid on hand but will save for PCT in case of possible vision or mood side effects)

    Why am I using Dbol and Deca on my first cycle?

    -Why does anyone use aas?

    Will I be getting blood work?

    -I plan on getting a pre-cycle baseline blood work done. (most likely privatemdlabs)
    -I plan on getting blood work around week 10 and 16. (any suggestions on this?)
    -I DO NOT know how to read blood work results or what I will need to do to combat bad results so a point in the right direction on this forum would be greatly appreciated!

    Why am I using both Clomid an nolvadex for PCT?

    -To answer this I direct you to my findings to nolva vs clomid or both for pct
    -If the link does not work, copy and paste in browser and read the 6th post down from the top. This is an actual medical journal review on this subject by Dr. Scally, one of the foremost experts on treating steroid induced shutdown.

    Why am I adding hCG to end of cycle/pre-PCT?

    -hCG mimics LH and primes the body for the PCT to come producing a far more efficient recovery.
    -LH is also the primary gonadotropin responsible for the stimulation of natural testosterone production. When LH is released, it signals to the testicles to produce more testosterone, which is more than beneficial if natural LH production is low.
    -Total recovery is enhanced with use of hCG pre-PCT.

    Will I keep a cycle log?

    -During my cycle I plan on taking weekly pictures.(If you are wondering what I look like now, my avatar is what I look like now)
    -I will not write down my food so much but will be eating lots of protein, good fats, carbs post workout etc.
    -I will take body measurements at end of Dbol cycle.
    -I will take body measurements after Decca and conclusion of Test. E.
    -I will cycle as hard as I can PRE-Cycle and record stats.
    -I will cycle as hard as I can last week of Dbol and record stats.
    -I will cycle as hard as I can last week of Decca and record stats.
    -(What else should I keep track of?)

    Let the onslaught of reviews commence!

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    Why are you taking so much gear for your first cycle? You don't even know how your body will respond.
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    You're making it way too complicated for a first cycle. It might not seem that complicated on paper but that'll change once you start pinning...

    Are you only doing cycling 3x a week as your training? No lifting?
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  4. Meow Gruber

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    I will not know until I try. I did a lot of research into this cycle. Looking at pros and cons of each substance (beyond the substances I ended up choosing), and I came to this conclusion. I am sure I want to use Dbol and it is necessary to be stacked with Test. Decca is generally side friendly, and I look forward to the therapeutic properties it has.
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    Cycling is my cardio, cycling is my jam.
    I follow Jeff Cavalier from Athlean-X and incorporate a lot of the workouts he subscribes. I will be lifting as much as possible.
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    So is test, and you don't even know how you'll respond to that yet.

    Do what you want man, but that cycle is severe overkill for your size and AAS use history. You don't know how much AI you'll need on just test, so the dbol is going to throw a wrench in the gears.

    This game is a marathon not a sprint.
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    Seems pretty advanced for a first cycle.

    Just my opinion.
  8. Meow Gruber

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    In your opinion then, drop the Decca?
  9. Meow Gruber

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    What would you change?
    What was your first cycle?
  10. Test_Subject

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    I would personally, yes. Nandrolone is a great drug (I'm on NPP right now) but I'd personally just do a run of 5-600 test and maybe the dbol and see how things go.

    You can always throw the deca in next time.
  11. Eman

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    Run the test and the dbol. Drop the deca, it is not fun to recover from...

    I also recommend shortening the cycle. Gains will stall out in half that time. It's also better jumping off sooner and doing pct so you can start next cycle sooner as compared to a long cycle that you didn't get as much out of.
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    Test, but I ran into serious health stuff not related to the test so it wasn't meant to be.

    I quit the cycle, went out and waited until recently being diagnosed as low T so I went the TRT route at 200 mg a week.

    I'm making great gains on just that. I would bet even 250 a week would surprise you.

    If I were to go higher I'd probably go to 400 a week as a good blast.

    I think going with 2 or 3 things as a stack is a bad idea but ultimately it's your call.

    I wish you the best which ever way you go but be safe above all else.
  13. Meow Gruber

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    Appreciate the feedback, will take into consideration.
  14. Meow Gruber

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    Thank you for your input. Back to the drawing board.
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    Does the pct I have look alright though? what do you guys usually run for PCT?
  16. Meow Gruber

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    Better safe than sorry. As much as I would love to do this cycle I will take the advice given. This is what I am thinking now:

    -Week 1-12- Test. E. @ 600mg/wk-----Mon/Thurs @ 300mg/300mg
    -Week 1-6- Dbol @ 50mg/day-----------Every Day @ 25mg/am & 25mg/pm
    -Week 14-17- nolva @ 40mg/day/wk 14-15 & 20mg/day/wk 15-16
    -Week 14-17- clomid @ 50mg/day

    One Question remains...

    Should I split Nolva/Clomid doses into twice a day? Split the Nolva @40 mg/day to 20mg/am and 20mg/pm and same with Clomid @ 50mg/day to 25mg/am and 25mg/pm?
    Or do I take both daily doses once a day?
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    All I ran was clomid for 3 weeks, I can't even remember for how long but I recovered fine.

    I had a couple weeks of softer wood but not total failure in that regard.

    As fucked up as this sounds I quite my cycle 2 weeks before my wife's "cycle" so for a few days I did not have to worry about performance issues, lol

    There was literally only about a week of low boner quality and then I was back to normal.

    I tapered down before I quit, maybe that helped, not sure but it must have a bit.
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    Fucking eman said everything I wanted to say :p
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