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    Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce Cronus Labs. I’ve been producing steroids off and on for close to 6 years. It’s always been something I kept relatively small, and was used to supply myself and a couple close friends with gear. Recently, I decided to take it to the next level. I have put in a ton of work to get to this point and put out a product I am proud of, and one I use myself. My main focus for now is to carry a small, but high quality line of products. As time goes on, I plan on expanding the variety of products I carry. I take care in order to get everything dosed as accurately as possible so the label represents the actual dose of each product.

    I have more raws and other supplies en route, and will be taking more pictures detailing the steps I take in the sterilization and brewing process. I do have a medical/science related background, which made me familiarized with a lot of things that helped throughout this journey, but for obvious reasons I do not want to get too specific. I did take a picture of an unused 0.45um filter and a small sample of some finished product to display the label. I double filter all finished product through a 0.45um filter, followed by a 0.22um filter. All vials, stoppers, caps etc. are sanitized through proper washing and heating. Vials are filled with 11mL of product.

    Current Invenory:


    Test Prop 100 - $20

    Test Enat 250 - $30

    Test 400 (175E/175C/50P) - $40

    tren Ace 100 - $40

    Tren Enat 250 - $50

    Mast Prop 100 - $30

    Mast Enat 250 - $40

    Orals: (35mL)

    Anadrol 25mg/mL - $25

    Anavar 25mg/mL - $35

    I’ll be expanding the line very soon. Anyone that gets any product tested will be compensated with store credit for the cost of the test/product. I ship US Domestic. Priority Mail is free for every order. For now, our minimum order amount will be $100, but this will be subject to slightly change once I am vetted on this site. I accept all types of crypto, which is my preferred method of accepting payments. If for some reason you are not able to use crypto, we can discuss other possible methods of payment.

    Contact email:

    I will continue to update this thread as I piece together more material, and will be happy to answer any questions any of you may have. Thank you!

    IMG_20180707_003329.jpg IMG_20180707_003329.jpg IMG_20180613_132741.jpg
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    Meso written on paper with today’s date, tits, where have you sourced before and why Meso?
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    What other lab equipment do you use?

    Seems like just a homebrew set up right now?
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    A picture of one filter and a handful of vials isnt going to be nearly enough. I have more vials in my stash. We need lab equipment, sterilization, and a picture of enough stock to show you can handle the potential order from Meso. Crumple up paper and place it in each photo with Meso and the date printed on it. If you can't comply with this, I suggest you abandon this thread and not waste your or our time.
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    You are a day late
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    Would like to see pictures of your setup along with some real stock photos with meso and the date hand written on a piece of paper in the for ground.
    Would like to know how you are going to handle sensitive customer information and what steps you have taken to protect your own data?
    Please explain your sterilization process and you should have already had all this ready if you wanted to be taken serious.
    As you can see there's no shortage of proven UGL's here already.

    And if anyone offers to test your gear for a positive review to get free gear please put them on blast we have a few who seems to think they can help their stash while helping new labs get a foot in the door.

    To new members and those who like to take one for the team if you jump on a unproven source and lose your money nobody's fault but your own.
  8. please explain all sterilization protocols:
    do you have an autoclave? if so post photos with a crumbled up piece of paper that says meso and today’s date hand written. photos of ALL lab equipment.

    where else have you sourced.
    why come to meso?
    how do you plan to handle a large amount of orders in a sort time if you become successful, without cutting corners and endangering customers.
    are you alone or do you have a team?
    what is your internet security protocol? how do you plan to keep customers personal information secure?
    wife’s tits?
    why did you come so unprepared?

    post photos in a timely manor and well go from there.
    i have a funny feeling you may be RnR, we shall see.
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    I sure hope he's getting all his (ducks in a row.) He seem very unprepared,or maybe didn't do his homework on meso. Lol, y'all bout to bash the F*** outa him.
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    Slow your roll bro you have 3 whole post and now you're trying to vet a source.
    Not trying to be a dick it doesn't give you a good look.
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    Oh this ought to be good!
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  12. Hello buck charkley, or is this dr gainzzzzzzz!!!?
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    I hope it's good ole Buck!
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  14. I believe it is buck not dr gainzzzz!!
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    Looks like the low lineup scammer that was here before...he just got some labels.
    Bottled a few up..upped his presentation.
    Maybe got a real filter this time.
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    Thanks for pointing out the things I need to get done and post on this site. I'll take more pictures of the products and equipment with a piece of paper. I also had some of the finish product tested and I will post that report as well. I will be able to gather everything up by tomorrow afternoon.

    The reason I chose Meso is because for years, any time I needed any information, this was the site I came to. I knew there were a lot of good people on here that had good information. This forum gave me a better feeling than some of the others I've looked over, so I always just came back. I eventually learned a little about this site, saw that other good sources were doing well, and felt comfortable choosing this site to post on. This is my first time doing anything online related when it comes to selling gear. I know there's going to be a slight learning curve but I'm willing to do whatever I need to in order to make it work.
  17. I seriously don't fucking get this. Why the fuck a new source doesn't read the rules and what is needed in the OP? Is that a stupid 'strategy' to keep bumping the thread? If you just keep updating us piece by piece then you lose a buttload of credibility, at least from me. Get your shit together, gather every fucking thing that is needed [read previous source threads and rules] and then post, god damn it!
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    So you use pes filters?
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    Everytime I see your avatar, I'm reminded of my love/hate relationship with Altered Beast. I loved that game but it frustrated the fuck out of me.
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  20. my bad brother i’ve been on here for some time so i kinda know how things go. didn’t realize i was coming off like ass ...was just trying to get all the necessary information from this new source.
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