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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by john11, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. john11

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    I'm considering cruise and blast but one niggling thing bothers me.
    Is it true the body gets used to test after a while and the drugs stops working.
    If this is true, then what am i supposed to? Do you switch the drugs around, change dosages.
    What is the best way to overcome this problem.
  2. I wouldn’t consider blasting and cruising. Until you have more knowledge on the Subject.

    Your body will adapt yes. It POSSIBLY will take more of one thing or another to keep growing IF you’re doing everything correctly and continuing progress. But I think very few people maximize gains versus how much shit they run.

    Your trt dose should for the most part stay the same once dialed in using blood work. There is a limit you will grow on trt but I. D.o.n.t think many people reach that limit.
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  3. Delt123

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    Will you get used to compounds as in they will do nothing? No.

    As you get bigger and bigger, 500mg will yield less and less muscle yes. You won't gain as much as your first cycle but that's normal
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  4. Hacksaw Jim

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    Hi John11. I would recommend you stay away from the blast and cruise thing. If you are officially on TRT,, the it would be okay to blast and cruise.

    The body does adapt very much to the same drugs in a short period of time,, so you do have to change the drugs around to get continued growth,, or increase the dosage of the same drug for continual growth.

    The best thing for you to do is go on a cycle and do the pct thing and take a few months off of the steroids. Depending on the length of your cycles,, doing one or two cycles a year is sufficient. When you come off each cycle you do in the future,, you may retain somewhere around 10 to 30 percent of your gains. Over the course of years,,, you will acquire sufficient amount of muscle mass. Eventually your body will stop acquiring muscle mass from these cycles. When the body does stop acquiring muscle mass,,, then the benefit of steroids will be mostly for cutting at that point for you. Patience is the key to success.
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    Your too young. Wait 10 years before cruising. Cruising is not a cycle you bounce back from. Like jumping from a plane, your not going back. Do a cycle or two, and pct. This will answer the questions for you that we cant.
  6. Vipera1

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    It's true, the body will get saturated.

    The advanced users will not stay on x amount thru the whole blast, they will taper up, switch/add compounds, many tricks out there.
  7. Neewbiest guy

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    I have to disagree....I've jumped from a plane over 600 times and I'm still here...:p:D
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  8. Mac11wildcat

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    There are two and only two real reasons to blast and cruise:
    1. You’re a competitive bodybuilder
    2. You already need TRT and just want a little more oomph

    Other than that it’s really not a great move for the average guy
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  9. Neewbiest guy

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    Exact reason I'll will B&C. Already on TRT and just looking for the extra push!
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  10. JP1979

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    I guess I don't consider it a cruise if you are already on TRT.. tomato tamoto
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    Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

    I am already on trt but over here in Britian it is difficult to stay on because of budget cuts, the recession etc there are cutbacks everywhere and it is difficult to get anything out of the doctor. He's already looking at me wondering why a guy my size needs test.
    Tired of having to go up to him with the begging bowl in my hand, put up with his constant bitching moaning snidey comments and suspicious looks.
    I'd rather just pay for the test and get on with it leave this guy to play with his vagina.
    The rant aside (sorry it is bothering the hell out of me these jobsworthy people) if you have any more useful thoughts i would love to hear them.
  12. FlawlessSet

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    I’m going to be trying a TRT product and plan to pin 200mg Test Undecanoate every 10 days. Just run TRT small dose mate