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    question for some of you old timers. I am 50 and just finished a cycle a few months ago of test p and primo. I loved the feeling i got from the test. made me feel young again. I am thinking of starting test again and cruising with it indefinitely with a blast here and there. Looking for advice.
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    I'm 46 and have been on 200mg a week for 18 months w/2 blast in there! I'll never come off because I have little to no natural Test and I love being on it!
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    are you taking anything thing else or just the test? Test c?
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    Just test on trt. But I've blasted with Deca and drol on my first, and NPP on my second. masteron as well on both!
  5. Cruise as low as possible so you don't need aromatase inhibitors. hcg will also raise test and estrogen even higher
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  7. As someone that has decided to cruise, without the input of a physician, i would ask you, are you sure you want to jab yourself with a needle, on a weekly basis, for the remainder of your days?
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    the needle doesn't bother me
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    how often do you guys wait between blasts?
  10. New to the TRT thing, but the plan (for me) is the same as cycling. Time on = time off, at the very least.
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    I am 48 years old. Cruise-Blast- AND do pct

    I CRUISE on test C 200mg W for 10-12 weeks using hcg also
    Then Blast - bumping T to 500-600 mg & adding Mast 600 for anothe
    During blast I remain using HCG and add anastrozole
    During last 4 weeks I add Anavar 50mg ED

    Then even though I cruise; at recommendation of TRT prescriber, I take 2-3 full weeks off then start PCT - 14 days of clomephine and HGH ED. ( I'm told this helps the body not only reset but also helps keep the body sensitive to the cruising test dose with out becoming more tolerant and requiring higher maintenance dosing)

    Rinse & Repeat

    This usually creates a timeline where I am blasting for approximately 2-months with 3 1/2-4 months of PCT/ cruising in between. Which almost adheres to the old rule of being OFF twice as long as being On cycle. Although cruising isn't exactly "off" .... for a guy 48 with 200-300 natural test without TRT, it works well for me.

    Hope this helps, and I welcome any thoughts or recommendations from other people in similar situation/age etc.
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    Great Info. Thank you.
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