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Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by bigrobbie, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. bigrobbie

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    Can anyone suggest a link to a source about crypto? I'm trying to educate myself on Bitcoin and others so looking for an article or thread or webpage that will start to walk me through it.

    This may sound stupid, but honestly I'm very intimidated by the whole thing! I know it's due to my lack of education on the topic.

    Thanks in advance guys.
  2. B Ware

    B Ware Member Supporter

    Use cash app. It’s super easy and the quickest way to deposit/send coin.
    I’m only suggesting to deposit coin with this app. For security reasons you’ll need to read up on what to do with your coin to stay anonymous. others are better at explaining that.
  3. bigrobbie

    bigrobbie Member Supporter

    Thanks bro.
  4. TX_Hempknight

    TX_Hempknight Member Supporter

    I use this as well with BRD wallet. After using cash app, transfer to BRD wallet as it supposedly changes your wallet ID after every transaction. I havent had any issues, but some do. Usually has to do with them not wanting to verify their account using a debit card. Shouldnt matter since youre transferring to another wallet. Just my thoughts.
  5. MindlessWork

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    So basically load cash into your USD wallet on cashapp then buy coin right (assuming you already got verified first), then transfer to your favorite wallet outside cashapp...much in same fashion you'd do on Coinbase right?
  6. TX_Hempknight

    TX_Hempknight Member Supporter

    Never used coinbase. But yeah, you got the directions down. Many purchases this way and Ive personally had minimal issues.
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