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    I am new to this type of money, never used it, kinda leary really, but what is the best way to go and how easy is it, and what is the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoincash
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    Sorry I misspelled Crypto in the title
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    Depends what you are trying to do invest or use the currency. Cash app is good if your looking to buy BTC and send it for a transaction. Bitcoin cash is a fork of bitcoin but don’t get confused it’s an entirely separate coin just like US dollar and pesos for instance.
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    CashApp or Coinbase are the two easiest. If you link both your credit card and bank account then it should go quicker. The first few transactions might take a little longer until they understand that your bank or credit card can cover the costs.

    If you’re using it to purchase things, I would put the amount in the “USD wallet”. That’s just like putting money in your checking account. It won’t ever go up or down in value (bitcoin is volatile so if you buy and it’s at $11k now but takes 7 days to clear and the value drops to $8k your loss). Once it clears and it’s available you can purchase bitcoin without a wait. For security you should send it to yourself at a separate bitcoin wallet (like Jaxx) and then send it to the appropriate bitcoin address (provided by the guy selling you stuff). YouTube probably has videos showing how to do this stuff.

    It’ll be incredibly frustrating doing this the first couple times so set it all up BEFORE you make a purchase. Don’t need all the stress at once.
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    i am not looking to invest simply to buy things
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    Bitcoin cash (BCC) is a bitcoin ( BTC) fork that is trash and claims to be Bitcoin. is owned by bitcoin cash inna deliberate attempt to confuse and trick you. And don't ever send Bitcoin cash to a Bitcoin wallet or vise versa or you will lose those funds.
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    I heard Facebook is launching crypto currency, called libra , soon they are launching anyone else hear about this
  8. Crypto is based 100% on speculation meaning it has 0 back bone. I wouldn’t put my money in there to invest. To buy just use Coinbase it is super simple
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    I use coinmama to buy BTC and send it to my coinbase wallet. Takes maybe an hour and it's ready to spend. If I do it on coinbase, my btc takes 2 weeks to become"available".